Art Hoarder

Well it's that time. It's time to fire up the hearth and dribble hot chocolate all over my white pillows, but not on the dark leather couch because that would be too convenient to clean. THANKS KIDS. Anyway, there are a great many things going on over here -- some top secret wink wink stuff that is very exciting but I can't tell you exactly what it is because I want you to live. These things are keeping me very busy, and along with client work and impending holiday travel I'm pretty much maxed the max out. Except somehow I'm never too busy to buy up enough art to start my own museum. If you follow me on instagram you may already be wise to this situation... erin-williamson-etsy-1





I think I really am going to open an Etsy store next year. I mean, this is just out of control and there is SO MUCH more. Also, I can't stop. By that I mean I have several ebay listings bookmarked that I am FORCING myself not to bid on.

For now.

Somewhat coincidentally I am currently featured on Rise Art as "Blogger of the Moment."  You can head over here to read my interview where I say some silly things, but I am serious about art. Good art is one of the great things about life.

Thanks, Rise Art!

And thanks to y'alluns for continuing to read despite my erratic posting. I promise cross my heart to make it good soon. Enter yon email to subscribe and stay tuned for updates...


Big Spender

Apparently Austin has moved into a subtropical zone, one where we receive three inches of rain in 30 minutes almost daily. It's been a relief for our drought ridden region, except I'm starting to wonder if the sun is ever going to return or if we're doomed to live in a mushroom forest until the end of time. Point is, I'm getting stuff done around here but I can't take pictures because it's pitch dark.

For starters, Ike got a new (craigslist) big boy bed that Matt is painting a creamy sooty black:

Just try to stop yourself from loving that cute bed.

Also my bedding came in from Overstock so the master bedroom is looking less crappy every day, if maybe a bit sleazy... I don't know. That's my next photography project so look for updates in the next few days if the rain will ever stop. This may be a little OTT, though:

Giant faux fur blanket I know you aren't for real, but I think I might could love you anyway... maybe.

Meanwhile, swing arm sconces and new pillows are in the works for the front room.

I took the plunge and sprang for a pair of these Kelly Wearstler/Lee Jofa pillows, and now I wish I'd also gotten a pomegranate velvet cover from the same seller:

Should I?

And hey, did you know that if you buy a pair of unshaded swing arm sconces at a thrift store, a cup harp is the proper lamp fitting to connect the sconce to a real (not Ikea or clip) shade?

It looks like this. Now you know.

Also the nursery is slowly inching towards completion. To that end, I sent this chair:

To be upholstered in this fabric:

Which I scored for $4/yd including tax and shipping. Shazam!

And finally I sucked it up and bought more wallpaper for the hallway and powder room. Maybe those rooms will get done before baby comes, maybe not. Last time I papered our hall myself, but this time I'm having someone else do it for a VERY reasonable price. I will give out his info after he's done... I ain't got time for poaching.

What does all this add up to? Poverty. I try really really really hard to buy vintage, to use local retailers and shop small business, but I still have the stain of filthy capitalism all over me right now.

When Ben gets the Amex statement he is going to insist on putting the kids to work as child models, or at least as diamond miners.

Can't say I'm opposed to a little mining (and hopefully smuggling). Child modeling is way creepier.

ps, that was intended to be funny.

Later, dudes. The doctor is about to poke her fingers in my special no no to see when the baby might come out...

I need two more weeks. Legs and fingers crossed!

Good Gifts: For the Quirky Sophisticate

Are you still putting off your holiday shopping like I am? If so then I am here to help... you. I'm pretty sure there's no help for me. I have a disease and the only cure is spiked eggnog and some sort of roasted meat, unless there is a 12 step program for serial procrastinators. But, back to you. Let's do this, shall we?

I have a specific kind of person in mind for these gifts -- me. But since I have more personalities than Sybil, let's just say that this selection of goodies appeals to my more youthful and carefree side, the side that would like to go out and get crunked until 2 am. But this side would still pull herself together the next morning to make coffee and straighten the pillows. And this side is not so youthful that she might resort to utter insanity, like wearing neon spandex leggings. Let's call her homey with a dash of derring do.

What better to document the adventures of your inner wild child than a mini digital Rolleiflex camera? Thread a waxed leather string through the side holes and wear that sexy beast as a purse. Dance floor problems solved. Booya! $280 from Amazon.

Gotta have a hot necklace if you're going to party. This handmade specimen by Nomoi Koru is flashy not trashy. $34 from Etsy.

But life is not all about bad 80s coverbands and overpriced drinks. Your house needs love and attention, too. 144 Empty Parking Lots by Jenny Odell (thanks to the gods of 20x200 for listening to my prayers!) will give your home that requisite touch of existentialism. I say spring for the 11x14 size if you can afford it -- size matters for this piece. $50 from 20x200.

These are just damn cute, but still suggestive enough to have some edge. Kissing creamer and sugar set by Reshape Studio (ps: they have some very cute vases, too). $64 from Etsy.

You like glamor, I like glamor, and I love Art Deco. This gold beaded pillow has the holiday X factor in spades. $42 from Urban Outfitters.

And now a couple of cheap thrills before I hit you over the head and steal your wallet: this Christmas ornament with a living airplant by Tortoise Loves Donkey is sleek enough to live beyond its holiday expiration date. Mount a hook on your window and tie one on. $9.50 from Etsy.

A fainting spell comes upon me every time I look at this picture... Muhammad Ali training underwater, photographed by Flip Schulke. 24x36 poster for $2.25 from Amazon. No, that is not a typo.

Got money? Then by all means Tord Boontje for Artecnica's completely useless (as far as I can tell) Witches Kitchen Utensil Set is the gift you must purchase... for me. Does that joke ever get old? Not really. The gargantuan price of this set is in direct proportion to my oversized obsession. $770 from Unica Home.

That's it for today, little buddies. I hope you got some great ideas to wow your friends and loved ones. Tune in later this week for more gifts n things, and perhaps a surprise guest to school you on all the best last minute prezzies you can nab right here in Austin.