Art Hoarder

Well it's that time. It's time to fire up the hearth and dribble hot chocolate all over my white pillows, but not on the dark leather couch because that would be too convenient to clean. THANKS KIDS. Anyway, there are a great many things going on over here -- some top secret wink wink stuff that is very exciting but I can't tell you exactly what it is because I want you to live. These things are keeping me very busy, and along with client work and impending holiday travel I'm pretty much maxed the max out. Except somehow I'm never too busy to buy up enough art to start my own museum. If you follow me on instagram you may already be wise to this situation... erin-williamson-etsy-1





I think I really am going to open an Etsy store next year. I mean, this is just out of control and there is SO MUCH more. Also, I can't stop. By that I mean I have several ebay listings bookmarked that I am FORCING myself not to bid on.

For now.

Somewhat coincidentally I am currently featured on Rise Art as "Blogger of the Moment."  You can head over here to read my interview where I say some silly things, but I am serious about art. Good art is one of the great things about life.

Thanks, Rise Art!

And thanks to y'alluns for continuing to read despite my erratic posting. I promise cross my heart to make it good soon. Enter yon email to subscribe and stay tuned for updates...