Big Spender

Apparently Austin has moved into a subtropical zone, one where we receive three inches of rain in 30 minutes almost daily. It's been a relief for our drought ridden region, except I'm starting to wonder if the sun is ever going to return or if we're doomed to live in a mushroom forest until the end of time. Point is, I'm getting stuff done around here but I can't take pictures because it's pitch dark.

For starters, Ike got a new (craigslist) big boy bed that Matt is painting a creamy sooty black:

Just try to stop yourself from loving that cute bed.

Also my bedding came in from Overstock so the master bedroom is looking less crappy every day, if maybe a bit sleazy... I don't know. That's my next photography project so look for updates in the next few days if the rain will ever stop. This may be a little OTT, though:

Giant faux fur blanket I know you aren't for real, but I think I might could love you anyway... maybe.

Meanwhile, swing arm sconces and new pillows are in the works for the front room.

I took the plunge and sprang for a pair of these Kelly Wearstler/Lee Jofa pillows, and now I wish I'd also gotten a pomegranate velvet cover from the same seller:

Should I?

And hey, did you know that if you buy a pair of unshaded swing arm sconces at a thrift store, a cup harp is the proper lamp fitting to connect the sconce to a real (not Ikea or clip) shade?

It looks like this. Now you know.

Also the nursery is slowly inching towards completion. To that end, I sent this chair:

To be upholstered in this fabric:

Which I scored for $4/yd including tax and shipping. Shazam!

And finally I sucked it up and bought more wallpaper for the hallway and powder room. Maybe those rooms will get done before baby comes, maybe not. Last time I papered our hall myself, but this time I'm having someone else do it for a VERY reasonable price. I will give out his info after he's done... I ain't got time for poaching.

What does all this add up to? Poverty. I try really really really hard to buy vintage, to use local retailers and shop small business, but I still have the stain of filthy capitalism all over me right now.

When Ben gets the Amex statement he is going to insist on putting the kids to work as child models, or at least as diamond miners.

Can't say I'm opposed to a little mining (and hopefully smuggling). Child modeling is way creepier.

ps, that was intended to be funny.

Later, dudes. The doctor is about to poke her fingers in my special no no to see when the baby might come out...

I need two more weeks. Legs and fingers crossed!

You Guys Know More About Lamps Than Me. Period.

Hidey Ho everyone!!  I am almost ashamed to show my face around these parts, what with all the CRAZY INSANE HUGE HELP you all were with my mondo-lamp dilemma last week.  Erin told me you dudes would be able to find the lamp of my dreams but she didn't mention that you would find the 1,012 lamps of my dreams.  Seriously, it's kinda amazing.  So amazing that I won't let your hard work go for naught and instead will be rootin tootin your lamp finding skills today.  right here.  on this blog.  right now. let's go.

In case you've forgotten, I was looking for these million dollar lamps for (far less than) half of a a million pennies.

Here's what you found:

Colleen, E. and NKP all have me drinking the kool-aide from team wo and we

Everything out of this French design house is amazeballz (do people still say that?) but the Applique Potence Industrielle Ajustable in particular is insane in the membrane.  (Ok, I know people no longer say that) and at 325 Euros, the price is pretty great too.

Commenter KVH pointed me to her friends studio: Yes Cincinnati

The Pivoting crane light is excellent at an even more excellent price (ahem!  $99 for the 3 foot model)  With a variety of sizes, I strongly encourage you lamp-hungry dudes to check it out pronto.

Elizabeth of Modern 24/7 sent me this (seriously you guys are really out doing yourselves)

The Anita lamp from KMP Furniture is a steal at $245 for EIGHTY INCHES of lamp.  It's too big for my kitchen, but I feel like I could find a place for this somewhere.  It's soooo gooood

Kate and Rye tipped me off to Atelier de Troupe, which is pretty badass all-around but wins gold stars for their a de t 'potence' bronze jib lamp

Oh yes, me likey.

MB from the Big D.  (That's Dallas to you non-Texans B-T-dubs) pointed out that Restoration Hardware is sporting quite the lamp selection as well.  They have a flash site with embedded images so you're going to have to go over there to see the lovelies there for yourself.  I'm too lazy to download and re-upload.  Sorry.  But I do LOVE the lights so it's worth the mouse click.  promise.  Here and Here

Long-time-reader Alison of Lipstick on Your Teeth knows my test well and sent a link to workstead

they too have flashy images so you will have to cruise over after you're done reading my brilliant and amazing post.  Worth it.  Totes.

Cassie, Rosenatti and NKP all gave a shout out to One Forty Three on Etsy:

Here is his totally amazing and totally affordable Potence Lamp as seen on The Brick House

Kathy at My Interior Life and Jenny over at My Favorite and My Best pretty much nailed it with this West Elm find:

Their Long-Arm Wall Sconce is simply awesome at only $99.

So which will I choose?  Hmmm... did I mention I'm even worse at making decisions than I am at finding lamps on my own?  Ok, I promise to keep you posted.

But for realz ya'll, thanks for all the amazing links, every single one of you sent something fantastic.  Seriously, you're simply the best.  better than all the rest.  better than anyone.  anyone I've ever met.