Woolly Pocket Giveaway + My Fancy Guest Post

Summertime gives me a naturegasm. With all the lush verdure, I sometimes feel like I can hear things growing, and it's good to be filled with a sense of purposeful renewal. That's why I'm so excited the nice folks at Woolly Pocket are sponsoring a GIVEAWAY for us, plus I'm guest posting over at their blog today. How's that for cross pollination? Now, what the bleep is a Woolly Pocket, you may ask? Friends, prepare to be amazed.

Woolly Pockets are gardening systems that can be used indoors or out. They're made from recycled materials formed into flexible, breathable pouches that have a moisture barrier so you can hang them on walls or set them right on your more delicate furnishings. All you have to do is add soil, plants, and water, and then -- blammo! Instant garden. You can read more about the how tos right here.

Wally is a modular, wall hung pocket that can be used outside to build a vertical garden, creating a cool oasis (ok, a pool helps, too).

Or Wally can be used inside to recycle all that dirty carbon dioxide you've been shuffling around.

Wally is space saving and maximizes moisture, so you don't have to water 1000x times a day.

Here are two Wally pockets placed side by side in the kitchen, where they're being used to grow all sorts of yummy edibles. Brilliant idea for those of us with small outdoor spaces, or poor growing conditions (hello, Austin!).

You know you want to try a Wally on for size, and today is your lucky day! We're giving away one lined Wally pocket in peacock blue, so you can use him indoors or out. All you have to do is leave a comment by 12 noon CST on Sunday the 13th for a chance to win. Due to shipping constraints, I'm afraid this contest is open to US residents only. The winner will be announced on Monday the 14th, so tune in to see if it's you... it might be.

Now I hope that you'll all hop over to the Woolly Pocket blog where I've written up a little guest post that includes lots of images designed to inspire you to get busy gardening, indoor style. You know you want to go to there, so what are you waiting for?

Go! Now!

But leave a comment first, ok?

Austin Modern Home Tour

We love peeping into the homes of others -- in a legal way, of course. Well, a week ago Launch787 presented their third annual Austin Modern Home Tour, and where were Karly and I? Uh, not there. As K-Dawg herself would say: lametron. Thankfully, our good friend and awesome photographer Cory Ryan was Johnny on the spot with her trusty camera in tow. Cory was kind enough to let us use her fabulous images to wow you with some highlights from this year's tour. So, bust out your coffee and donuts because this is one long, mouthwatering post, and we can't have you drooling on your keyboards, now can we?

austin modern home tour cory ryan

Concrete and steel get the sexy treatment with acres of gorgeous glass windows.

austin modern home tour cory ryan

Wild horses couldn't stop me from moving into that snazzy house on the left, but the affordability index probably will. Too bad, because those limestone and gently pitched roofs set me a tingle.

austin modern home tour cory ryan

Did I already mention gorgeous glass? Add in a fabulous indoor/outdoor living space and I'm sold. Also, after seeing this, I am never ever showing you people what my own backyard looks like. Its shame shall remain secret until the day we move.

austin modern home tour cory ryan

Don't know about you guys, but I am all about the kitchen and bathroom pics. Bathrooms first.

austin modern home tour cory ryan

I love, love, love, the clean lines and wide range of materials used in these homes. It's so hard to pick a favorite, but the skylit shower and double travertine showers are making me want to rip out my own perfectly serviceable, but snoozy bathrooms.

austin modern home tour cory ryan

The kitchens ain't too shabby, either. Look -- even the rich and famous use Ikea cabinets (bottom image). Of course, they also use carrera marble counters and back splashes, as well as custom wood cabinets. Marble backsplash, you are a fancy bitch for making me love you.

austin modern home tour cory ryan

Have I already mentioned that Cory is an awesome photographress? Check out this shot.

austin modern home tour cory ryan

I have to admit that I find some of the living spaces to be kind of boring -- a little too cleaned up and soulless. But these dining areas have some nice pieces in them, especially the wooden trestle table and artwork in the right image.

austin modern home tour cory ryan

I also dig the painting in this bedroom.

austin modern home tour cory ryan

And this wall/curtain treatment is interesting. How long do you think it took them to match up the stripes? I guess you hang the curtains first, then tape and paint the wall, then rehang the curtains. It would be awesome if there were 10 million stripes that matched...

austin modern home tour cory ryan

Some cute details of furnishings for your viewing pleasure.

austin modern home tour cory ryan

Honestly, though, it is all about the windows. If we didn't have limestone exterior walls, I would totally get crafty with a jigsaw and start cutting.

Ok, ok, ok, I'm about to pee in my pants with excitement over these last images. Did you get your donuts ready, like I told you to? Because you're going to need to bite down on something to keep from screaming...

austin modern home tour cory ryan


austin modern home tour cory ryan

With a view of lake Travis, of course. Do you think I got a little carried away with the images? Neither do I.

austin modern home tour cory ryan

One last view from the pool. Hey, guess what? This little honey is for sale. Situated on Mt. Bonnell, she is 3.5 million dollars worth of awesomeness, and worth every penny that I don't have. Actually, the tour was presented by my old buddy David's marketing and PR firm Wyatt Brand, and I'm a little concerned that he didn't feel the need to ring me up and offer this gem at a deep discount (like, free). Dude, we've known each other since high school. It's the least you could have done.

So, how excellent was that tour? Don't you feel like you were there in person? Thanks so much to Cory Ryan and her magnificent camera skills for inviting us along! You can check out the rest of the modern home tour on her Flickr set. Also, Cory is truly a multi talented lady, so be sure to take a look at her online portfolios and services here and here. Lucky Austinites can view her Holga photography until February 28th at Thunderbird Coffee on Manor. Not in Austin? Buy her Holga prints here.

Whew, all that lust has exhausted me. My head is spinning and I've broken a sweat.

Wish I were floating in that pool right now.

Things Made From Things

I love things en masse.  Take something small and insignificant and multiply it by 100, suddenly you have an interesting collection.  Take something small and kinda cool, then multiply that by 1,000 and shape it into something awesome then, well, then you have a blog post. 

Scott Jarvie Recycled Straw Clutch Chair

Nendo Designed Fabric Scrap Cabbage Chair

Fully Loaded Chair made from shotgun shells by Alexander Reh (yes, I've blogged about this before here)

balloona stool confetti by natalie kruch for umbra made from 500 balloons

Tide Chandelier made from collection of man made debris washed up on Kent coastline by Stuart Haygarth

Tail Light Chandelier Also by Stuart Haygarth

Mr. Haygarth is pretty much the king of making things out of things, view his entire site here

Volivik 347, Bic Pen Chandelier by en Pieza

#2 Pencil Chandelier by Daisuke Hiraiwa Gallery via inhabitat