In Which I Humiliate Myself, AKA Video of My Nursery Tour on House Proud

You know how sometimes you see pictures of yourself, or hear recordings of your voice, or -- you know -- see yourself on tv, and wonder how the pod people managed to take over while you were sleeping? You know?


I suspect my parents will be confused when they discover I have transitioned from born and raised in east Texas to Jessica from Sweet Valley High (don't judge). Or maybe I always sound like that?! Either way, I need some elocution lessons.

Thankfully Luke is adorable and precious and pretty much steals the show. Plus Amy Hadley is utterly charming! If you live in Austin the segment will be airing on YNN today.

Enjoy the video and try not to hurl tomatoes at your screen.

Summahtime Sculpture Score

Oh summer, you verdant minx. So flashy with your hot dogs and bikini clad pool parties. The pageantry of blooming pomegranate trees and cookouts en plein air... I would love you so much more if only I could get some work done.

The no school thing is really getting in the way of my posts. Sorry about that. Let me make it up to you.

russell jacques sculpture

 It has the Brancusi flava.

Thrifting: it's what I do with the kids when we're all hiked/biked/plum swum out. And what did I spy with my gimlet eye, at goodwill no less? Oh it's just a giant solid bronze signed sculpture by Russell Jacques, who makes giant outdoor sculptures like these:

Maybe I should take my sculpture outside for some fresh air and kumbaya on the guitar? No?

So new sculpture is crazy good, but also heavy, pointy, and highly dangerous to my curious georges. Would that I could let it live on the coffee table, because it looks amaze with my fancy Jenny Andrews Anderson painting.

PS, I will be revealing more of that hot action later, after curtains that will surely transform my life come in.

Until then, enjoy the sculpture photoshoot that pajama time Ike and I did together. He's a right good little Vanna White.

russell jacques

I don't know how he got so big... it floors me how long the days are, but short the years.

I'm off to spend some more QT time with my boys, because maybe the no school thing ain't so bad, after all.

In the meantime, sorry to get pimpy but please do drop by and say hi if you enjoyed this post. I may hoard room tours until fall if everyone is too busy summering it up to glue themselves to the computer and read blogs.

Gather ye beach balls and koozies while ye may.

Luke's Mini Mod Nursery Tour

What what? It's tour time!

untitled (1 of 1)-4

I'm sure you had nothing better to do than refresh your browser 800 times a day until I posted the latest tour, right? Or, if you're like me, you barely have time to eat and sitting down at the computer for three minutes is a major luxury.

Thanks for spending that three minutes on me. Let me try to make it worth your while.

untitled (1 of 1)-9

Much like the rest of our house, this room was a hot mess when we moved in. Tobacco green carpet that reeked of tobacco, hideous paint, a weird booby light fixture that hung long and low from the faux wood fan... it pretty much had it all.

untitled (1 of 1)-8

For a while it was Ben's office, but then I got knocked up and the baby had to sleep somewhere besides our bedroom, duh.

untitled (1 of 2)-2

Except, guess who's never ever ever in his entire seven months of life slept here?

untitled (17 of 19)

Thanks a bundle, pyloric stenosis and insane food allergies. I hated sleeping, anyway.

untitled (1 of 1)-2

But it's kind of ok because that means I can keep my sock monkey shrine unbesmirched by snot, and also the hot air balloon sheets that I am unnaturally fond of are still clean months after their debut.

details 2

Plus I doubt very much that Luke will appreciate the brass overload that's going on in here as much as I do.

untitled (6 of 19)


untitled (8 of 19)

But I'm betting he will totally love the vintage Dufy screenprint I snagged for him at a thrift shop.

untitled (15 of 19)

He's probably not my kid if he doesn't.

That was a joke since I vividly recall squeezing him out of my lady center.

Some things stick with you.

untitled (19 of 19)

Things like this guy.

Speaking of sticky important things, do you remember The Great Rug Debate of 2012?


untitled (2 of 2)

I hemmed and hawed over a handful of 8x10 rugs until I stumbled upon the West Elm Souk at the outlets for $70.

Score one for poverty.

It's cute, but it's also a mess. I do not recommend it for high traffic areas unless you like to hoard leaves.



I have to say, I love designing kid rooms. There are so many fun details, like this totally crazy chair I had sitting around forever. New upholstery made him a mega comfy scene stealer.

untitled (1 of 1)-5

untitled (1 of 1)-3

Almost as cute as the dude who lives here. Or sort of lives here. Or will live here someday.

I hope.

Thanks for hanging out for Luke's grand tour! Sorry the writing is so sleepy, but I am whipped. I'm so tired I'm going to lazily paste the source list from a previous sneak peek I posted.

Paint color is Benjamin Moore Frappe, courtesy of the amazing Sanders.

Chair is vintage Milo Baughman that I had recovered in Togo fabric. This was the big splurge for this room — about $450 total.

Curtains are super cheap Ikea Ritva onto which my sweet MIL spent two nights sewing ribbon trim… LOVE THEM! Four panels cost $65 plus time. Can’t beat that.

Mongolian fur pillow came from the West Elm outlet for $5.

Light fixture came from Ebay.

Vintage Raoul Dufy screenprint came from Room Service for $28. I cut a new mat for it.

Bookshelf is Ikea Expedit.

Sheepskin rug is old news.

Everything else is thrifted. I really tried to reuse as much stuff as possible to keep the cost down.

And that's it!

I hate to be a ho, but if you want to see another tour please please please let me know. Because in my house, the menu of options goes something like dinner OR shower.  So I'm hungry and dirty. But I wrote a post.

Yay, me!

Until next week.

[all images copyright ERIN WILLIAMSON]