Fish Are Not Decoration

The New York Times is running an article online about extravagant fish tanks: $200,000 tanks with $1000 monthly maintenance fees.  What I find particularly jaw dropping about the story isn't the cost of the homeowner's decor, it's the fact that the homeowners consider fish decor in the first place. Fish are animals.  They do not belong in little glass boxes and they do not exist to decorate your room or to amuse you.  They are living creatures.  And seriously, before I get a bunch of hate comments (I'm not changing my mind) yes, yes it is different from having a cat or a dog, both of which are allowed outside to roam and coexist in a mutually beneficial relationship of companionship with their care givers.  I do not own a cat so that my living room looks prettier.  In fact, my cats make my space look much worse, but I love them more than my things so I manage.

(sorry for the long disclaimer, I just really don't want to fend off hate comments today.)

The designers interviewed in the article note that aquariums answer the age old questions: “How do you humanize this space, how do you introduce natural elements? How do you make it feel like you’re not standing in a white, pristine, soul-less box?”

8 fish swimming endlessly around 2 rocks doesn't feel soulful to me.  Fail.

The owners of this 6,000 pound, $200,000 suspended tank "get lost in it" at night rather than the television set.  I'm so so glad that nature's creatures are able to provide you with endless entertainment.

It is noted that the owner's of this tank's other point of pride in their home is the tanning bed in the basement.  Need I say more?

Ok, really, I'm sure there are lots of people who will disagree with me today.  I'm sure several of you have aquariums and love your fishies and I'm sure you make great homes for them.  And, no, they are not being hunted and eaten.  I know there are several sides to the fish-in-home debate, and I could probably be persuaded to accept several of the gray areas, but the bottom line is that fish as decor creeps me out.  Please try not to get too hatey today.  Besides, this whole look is really 80s, and not in a good way.  xoxo