Featured Artist Friday: Mandy Greer

Last night a reader left a comment on Erin's pom pom post with a link to a bedroom she had personally pom-pom-ified.  While I waited for the page to open I anticipated a neuvo pop pom bedspread and maybe a cute throw pillow.  What I got was this:

Holy Awesomeness!!!  Mandy hand made the rug and pom pom installation as part of her larger work at the Bucheon Gallery.

Here's what fiberarts magazine had to say about the matter:

In December 2008, the Bucheon Gallery of San Francisco invited Mandy Greer to create an installation at the international contemporary art exhibition Aqua Art Miami, Florida, a satellite fair to the annual Art Basel Miami Beach. Whereas Art Basel Miami and its sister fair, Art Basel, Switzerland, typically assign booths to their exhibitors, Aqua Art Miami was presented at the Aqua Hotel in South Beach and used the facility’s individual rooms to display a wide range of artwork. Exhibitors at the Aqua Hotel typically tend to disguise the fact that the rooms are sleeping areas. Not so for Sheila Cohen and Sidney Brown, owners of the Bucheon Gallery, who invited artists to play up the bedroom theme. Greer included (among other works) two pieces from her 2004 installation project the Wolf Prince and the Parrot Princess. In their original incarnations, these pieces—a white rag rug and a chandelier comprised of a multitude of pom-poms—evoked a vast arctic landscape that separated an amorous yet oddball couple. In Miami, they came together more literally as erotic ornament for the boudoir: the soft chandelier hung seductively overhead while the supple coverlet, like swirls of pure white snow, adorned the lovers’ bed.

For a complete view of the installation, check out the flickr gallery, check out Mandy's blog and recent work here, see a preview of Mandy's work in the film The Silvering Path Here.

Oh!  And be sure to have a super happy weekend!  xo