Style Commitment Issues or Just Good Steelo?

I'm so glad to be visiting with you today, Design Crisis readers!  My name is Alison and I am a lover of interior design and fashion!  I spend some of my time writing/obsessing/documenting/commenting about these two topics amongst others at my blog Life In The Semi-Fab Lane.  What I like the most about design is when there's an unexpected element.  Perhaps a historic building with modern furnishings or a lacy top paired with some ripped up jeans and heels, that kind of stuff.

Case in point:  to me it just makes things more exciting!

dear designers

We've got glamour meets modern meets wicker?  It works for me though.

desire to inspire

Warehouse windows with modern and elegant furniture.  Although I am not too fond of the overly used traditional furniture in this room, I'll let it slide because of those glossy white concrete floors.

Another favorite: if you can't decide just alternate chairs.

Mr. Traditional Wingback and Ms. Uber Modern Panton.

{I wonder what their babies will look like?}

vincente wolf

Everything here is pretty much on the same wavelength minus the hanging light fixture,which makes this room go from pretty to amaza-docious!

Same thing here, but the chandelier is the more traditional piece that is anchoring all of the modern, stark happenings going on.

And these last two are a classic combo: modern rustic

at its finest

vincente wolf

I guess you could call it eclectic, but sometimes I just wonder if it's commitment issues?  I'll admit I have a style commitment problem.  Life's too short and there are way too many goodies to turn your back on just because you feel like it's not your style.

...and it keeps me from getting bored!

Well, our time has come to an end.  Thanks for spending some time with me today.  Come and visit me sometime, your always welcome!

Thanks for having me Erin!