Whitewash Job

Remember how ugly our brick fireplace is? Of course you do, because that was the last post I wrote (sorry for not updating more frequently -- it really is insane how all consuming moving can be). So, now that we have new living room paint (yay Sanders!) and floors, the fugtacular brick fireplace must be destroyed. Like seriously, I would love to take a sledgehammer to it. Some demolition happy people suggested we rip it out entirely, and we are indeed considering a major overhaul somewhere down the line. But for now, I just need to tone that shit down. Way down. Justin Bieber's publicist down. So paint is the obvious answer.

I'm sure a white painted fireplace would look great (non sequitur sidenote: I totally have that side table but bigger).

Look how easy quirky Miss AB Chao makes it look.

I also like the look of Morgan's charcoal painted fireplace, over at Ye Old Brick House.

But I think what I want is something not quite opaque... more like this:

How cute is that house, by the way?

Or maybe even less opaque, like this.

I don't know. It could turn out super kooky, but I'd like to try whitewashing before I commit to completely covering the brick. I think a lil rustic feel would be a nice foil for all my shiny disco furniture.

What I want to know is: have you ever whitewashed brick? Did you use lime like an old school badass? Because I'm kind of into that idea... did I ever tell you that I used to make daguerreotypes when I was a full time analog photographer? I like chemicals.

If not lime, then what? I don't want a plasticky, hermetically sealed look.

At least not until my chemical laden plans fail on an epic scale.

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