The Weirdest Photo Spread I Have Ever Seen

AD Russia is one of my favorite shelter mags because they always have a super mix of neotrad glamour and avant garde chic, with just a dash of loopy to keep it interesting. The latest issue I perused definitely had some lovely rooms, but it also scored way high on the freakometer.

Case in point:

What. the. hell.

weird photoshoot

What is even happening here? Why does that lamp have eyes? Why is this in an Architectural Digest magazine? I mean, can you ever imagine Margaret Russell giving this spread a pass?

 I don't know. It's kind of awesome. Maybe the American AD should just hop on the googly eye train?

See - they don't even look out of place. Well, maybe just a little. But those perky peepers totally jazzed up that snoozefest, right?

Happy Friday, kids. Obviously I am due for some rest.

Back next week with pictures of the new house, which may or may not prominently feature googly eyes.