Weekend Getaway

I really wish this weekend were some sort of long weekend.  I know there must be a president or poet laureate with a birthday right around now.  Let's celebrate him for crying out loud! Well, since it's only a 2 day weekend but I really want to get away, I should probably try to make this as efficient as possible.  Maybe my plane could also double as my hotel?  Yes, that should do the trick

This plane used to seat 120 people, now it's been retrofitted with a jacuzzi, 3 flat-screen tvs, a 24 hour hostess (hmmm...), a king sized bed and a Blu-Ray player

I'm pretty sure these are no longer air-borne, but it would be awesome if they were.

I'm sure someone out there has a bath / flying fantasy that this is really doing it for.

And there's that king sized bed I was telling you about.  This is really the only part that seams a little creepy to me.  What happens at night?  Do you seal up that exit door so you're just locked in the air-tight tube?  I don't know about this part.

Although playing make-believe-fighter-pilot does sound pretty awesome.

That's all for today, dudes, you go have yourselves a mighty fine weekend