Holiday Gift Guide: Under $100

Perhaps you are a shopping procrastinator -- one of those crazy people who get high off paying a gajillion bucks for overnight shipping from Amazon. Well, this week Karly and I are making it our mission in life to help you spend some skrillaz without resorting to praying for the Fedex god to have mercy on your feet dragging soul. Before you know it, Chrishannzakuh will be all up on you like white on rice, so get jiggy with it and put some ho ho ho in the holiday with one of these scintillating gifts.

holiday gift guide under 100

$100 will buy a lot of shiny golden goodness. Clockwise from top left: Betseyville Lucky Stripes clutch $62 | Harry Allen Pig Bank $99 | Set of six gold forks $84 | Tobias Wong gold leafed porcelain cup and saucer set $75.

holiday gift guide under 100

Super excellent limited edition 20x28 poster by art collective Jeanspezial $87.

holiday gift guide under 100

Enormous switchboard poster for bebes or grownups who dream of flying $62.

holiday gift guide under 100

Boys love toys (and girls do, too). Clockwise from top left: Recycled cassette tape tie is audible if you run a tape head over it $90 | Le Boombox bag comes with a built in amplifier $56 | Diana camera in pretty primary brights $99 | iKaraoke $60.

holiday gift guide under 100

Amazing handcrafted leather rabbit mask by TomBanwell is good for the naughty and the nice. $69.


I wanna rock! Gold and silver Mini Modern stacking rings $90.

holiday gift guide under 100

Cool jewels. Zipper necklace $69 | Painted silk necklace $75.

holiday gift guide under 100

I am a wee bit obsessed with scarves. Reclaimed colorblock cashmere shawl by hautegoat $72 |  Necklush $62.

holiday gift guide under 100

That's because scarves are AWESOME. Mohair shawl by sweetknitting $72.

holiday gift guide under 100

He's baaaaack! Little Joseph is sure to warm the cockles of your heart with his sweet lovable creepy baby face $99.

totem cups

I have had a major crush on these stacking Totem cups since I saw them here. Buy them. Ship them to me. $59.

holiday gift guide under 100

Housewares in eyepopping colors make holiday entertaining fun. Vodka helps, too. Agate coasters $55 |  Eight piece nesting bowl set includes a colander and measuring cups $58.

holiday gift guide under 100

Calling all ballers... Gold plated Recession Necklace $65. Just because you don't have a million bucks doesn't mean you have to look all scroungy and poor.

Alright highrollers, let's face it -- in this economy $100 is a lot of money. But hopefully you found the perfect something to tempt you to crack open the rusty old wallet and shower your family and friends with money love. And if you're really Scrooge Mcduck just aswim in gold coins, then tune in tomorrow for the Under $500 edition.

Recession? What recession?

Random Post Generator

Kids, drinking is wrong. But sometimes it is a necessary evil -- for example, when celebrating birthdays. And sometimes drinking leads one to fall out of one's chair, thereby bruising one's delicate derriere, although one might forget that it even happened, save for the twinges of painful reminders while sitting. Which generally occurs from the hours of 9 to 5. And oftentimes one does not sleep well after a night of imbibery, thereby ensuring that morning shall come too soon and the day shall be hellishly long. And writing is the LAST thing one wants to do, as all that type type typing disturbs the lovely silence, and also because the cursor is dizzying. Eventually one is forced to seek out flashy means of entertainment, as one has the attention span of a gnat. Behold:

little joseph

Little Joseph candleholders by Qubus please one. One fantasizes about plugging Little Joseph's head hole with multicolored candles, and one laughs.

piggy bank

One also enjoys all kinds of piggy banks, but one is especially enthralled by this piggy bank cast from a real suckling pig.  One has read that piggy died of natural causes, and also that $10 from the sale of each pig shall be donated to the Humane Society. That makes one happy.

pig table

Actually, as a general rule, one likes pigs, and one also covets Karly's gold panther platter tables, so why not a gold pig platter table?

gnome table

Conflict! One cannot have two tables, and one LOVES gnomes. One may or may not have had a David the Gnome fetish as a child... One also finds it funny that Philipe Starck designed a gnome table.

moor table

One does NOT want this table, as one is totally offended by the idea that a "Blackamoor" (foolish term courtesy of the seller... one would never be caught dead saying such things) should be forced to carry cocktails. One feels that whomever purchases this table is a bad person. Not that one is judgmental, or anything.

baby hand soaps

One's agitation is soothed by these multiracial baby hand soaps. One likes the tiny baby fist that appears to say, "Fight the power!" in tiny baby sign language.

bust of lenin

One very much DOES want this bust of Lenin covered in traditional Czech patterns. One never realized how Lenin's facial hair makes him look uncannily Satanic, but one is entertained by his creepy visage in juxtaposition with the pretty pretty flowers.

One feels better now.