Progress Interruptus

Better Half Ben and I have been trying desperately to get some stuff down around New House. Sadly we only got the front ceiling painted and wired in a new fixture before tragedy struck: yet ANOTHER cold is making its rounds throughout our household. So far I only have a minor case of the tiny ugly germs, but sweet baby (ok, 2 year old) Ike is super sick. Like, waking up a zillion times a night with a terrible chest rattle and horrific fever sick. I think he's a bit better today, mostly because he's hovering like a vulture around the computer as I type. Anyhow, short post today, but I hope to have some pictures to show soon. I can tell you that I'm seeing some rich, saturated color around these here parts. Maybe like this:

Back soon (I hope).

Enjoy the broody moody vibe.


Battle Royale

So Karly has talked me into going light and bright for the cavernous, north facing family room, and dark and cozy for the smaller south facing rooms. I'm feeling good about my dark and cozy color picks, but super skittish about picking a white -- the subtle differences are so much harder to see when the color is barely there. That's where you come in. Meet the contenders:

Up first is Sander's first string pick (did I just use a sports metaphor? who the eff am I???): Collector's Item.

Yes, I know. It looks baby pink, which is very unsportsmanlike. On the wall it looks... less baby pink. Jeffrey Bilhuber calls it "almost blush." Ahem.

In the picture it looks straight up white. That's because photos LIE.

Up second is another Sanders pick: Farrow and Ball's White Tie. This is decidedly more yellow in real life, so much so that I wonder why I even bother posting swatches online. This whole process would be a lot easier if y'all could come to my house and look at the stupid paint on the wall already.

Here it is in action:

So, what do you think? I'd say that Collector's Item has a little something more going on, but most of what it has going on is pink. Meanwhile, White Tie is a no fail choice, but is it too country trad?

In case you were wondering (and too damn bad if you weren't), I'm looking at Hague Blue and Pashmina (it really is a gorgeous, complex color) for my other major neutrals. That's right -- I just called Hague Blue a neutral. Because it is. Just ask Tandy -- she has a similar color in her living room.

Haguey hotness.

Ok -- pick a color. Any color.

As long as it is one of the colors I just listed.

Down the Rabbit Hole of Repainting. Again.

Our house looks like an earthquake hit -- you couldn't find any survivors in here if you tore up the house with a crane. Perhaps I am waxing a little heartless and cruel (what with all the natural disasters going around of late) but I think you catch my drift. It's rully messy in here. Why, you ask? Because after a record shattering eight glorious hours of sleep, I decided in a fit spastic energy that we should convert our guest bedroom/Ike's nursery to Ike's nursery/playroom.

Doesn't it look like a kid lives here? No? You obviously get more sleep than me.

The whole conversion thing is really a pretty easy leap to make (unless you are very very tired), but it did involve lots of moving. And throwing away. And then... I decided to ditch the old cloying Smoke color and repaint the entire room. And now the sleep buzz has worn off but the mess is still here.

I am a walking natural disaster.

Anyway, finding the perfect gray is like finding your soulmate: get as close you can and then compromise on the rest. Sorry, HB, I'm just saying that a good relationship takes effort. I still like you.

Most of my house is painted Benjamin Moore's Abalone Gray:

So I thought to myself, slam dunk! This is going to be MF awesome. But, no. Gray is a bitch. She is a hooker by night and a puritan by day -- a chameleon in gekko's clothing. Who knows what that's supposed to mean, but I think you catch my drift. Maybe.

While lovely in no less than five other rooms of my home, Abalone looks like lavender crap in Ike's room. So today I'm going to visit Sanders again and pray that the god of paint (that would be Sanders) can help me solve this riddle wrapped in an enigmatic conundrum of a cookie. Or however that hackneyed phrase goes that I can't even properly recall. Guess it's not that hackneyed after all...

To sum it up: my house is a mess. I am busy. Please, occupy yourselves with the AMAZING transformative properties of paint, as evinced by Christiane Lemieux, the creative director behind Dwell Studio:

One room, three Benjamin Moore colors: Wrought Iron, Gentleman's Gray, Winter Orchard. I am completely totally obsessed with all three colors. The plan was always to do three of Ike's walls in Abalone, but since it sucks I'm hoping Winter Orchard will take the gold medal here. One focal wall will be in Wrought Iron (I think. Or I could change my mind entirely...). I would KILL to paint the entire room in Gentleman's Gray (or perhaps that Major Tom wallpaper I keep kissing when I think HB isn't watching?), which is oh so close to the ever popular Farrow and Ball Hague Blue:

Miles Redd kills it.

But it's really too dark and just doesn't make sense for this house. Next house. Promise.

Ok, now it's time to get busy and work my everloving ass off. See you when the rubble clears.

If you catch my drift.