Progress Interruptus

Better Half Ben and I have been trying desperately to get some stuff down around New House. Sadly we only got the front ceiling painted and wired in a new fixture before tragedy struck: yet ANOTHER cold is making its rounds throughout our household. So far I only have a minor case of the tiny ugly germs, but sweet baby (ok, 2 year old) Ike is super sick. Like, waking up a zillion times a night with a terrible chest rattle and horrific fever sick. I think he's a bit better today, mostly because he's hovering like a vulture around the computer as I type. Anyhow, short post today, but I hope to have some pictures to show soon. I can tell you that I'm seeing some rich, saturated color around these here parts. Maybe like this:

Back soon (I hope).

Enjoy the broody moody vibe.