Buy My Awesome Stuff

I have the urge to purge. Ok, and the need to bring the benjamins, because I have to pay for my fancy new table somehow. You know, the table which I have not yet ordered. Sorry to disappoint you guys -- I've been busy, but hoping to order asap.

Anyhow, if you live in the Austin area and are interested in any of my fine wares, please leave a comment or respond to the craigslist ad and I'll make you a sweet deal.

First up, I still have this stupid table. I have gotten a trillion emails about it, but no takers. Please come get it.

Craigslist ad HERE.

Oh, I also have a pair (yes, TWO) of those Knoll executive chairs for sale, but they're not posted on the Craig. They look like this but with five legs:

Upholstery is a gray green wool in good condition, although there are some spots. Casters are a bit sticky. Knoll labels still intact. Sorry I'm too lazy to take new pictures. Make me an offer.

Next up, vintage cube table.

Craigslist ad HERE.

It's in pretty good shape, and it's taking up valuable real estate in my living room.

Next I have a pair of (TWO) Lane walnut end tables.

Craigslist ad HERE.

You can kind of sort of see both of them here:

These are dope. Solid walnut, inlaid edges. A few nicks and one spot in the finish pictured.

Buy them before I change my mind...

And then there is this brass console table, for which I have only hideous pictures.

Craigslist ad HERE.

Um, yeah. That is a shamefully bad picture. But hopefully you can see through the glare to the majesty within.

Brassy is as brassy does.

What else? Oh yes -- this:

The infamous blue velvet and chrome rocker. She's Italian, I think. Sexy as all get out. But if I can get the right price, out the door she goes.

A lot of people have expressed interest, but I'm going to try to sell her locally if possible. If you live in the area, make me an offer.

That's all I have for now.

Buy my stuff, please.

Things I Am Thinking About Buying On the Internets

It's that time of year, y'all -- the time of year when the whole world slows down to a snail's pace and everyone is on siesta time. That's because (at least in our neck of the woods) it's over 100 degrees outside and even walking out to the car forces a stinky sweat. I know you're too hot to contemplate big fancy posts about the design world and stupid trends blah blah blah, so instead I'm going to tell you about all the window shopping I've been doing from the comfort of my air conditioned home.

I really want this dumb craigslist headboard so I can just be done with the neverending no headboard drama, but these stupid bitches won't write me back. If it's not available, delete the post, people! Anyway, I'm still pretending they are going to let me pick up this king sized, gold leafed, wood carved goodness. For $100 no less.

tie dyed sheets

Then I will pair it with my new white duvet and these cutie pie tie dyed sheets from Overstock. I love so many of the colors, but I'm pretty sure only ivory, rose or black, would look good with my stuff/paint color. Guess which one I'm going to pick? $36 bam!

Moving on from the bedroom, it's time to replace our milk and cereal bar encrusted rug (thanks, Ike!).

I could buy the exact same leather braided rug we already have ($150 here), or I could shake things up... maybe like this.

Of course, who knows exactly what "this" is, since the picture is so craptacular? You're killing me, craigslisters. Anyway, if I buy a totally different rug, then I will need... other totally different stuff. You know how it goes.

I've been eying Ikea's Hovas sofa for a while now... it's so cheap! But it's white, and I explained what happened to the rug, right? But it's slipcovered! But will I ever wash said slipcover? Hmmmm. Has anyone ever sat on this sucker? What do we think about it?

ikea vago

Speaking of Ikea, they reissued the wildly popular Vago patio chairs (thanks to Modfrugal for the tip!), and I'm dying for a set, but our store doesn't stock them. I think you should all call your local congressman to complain.

And since I apparently only like black and white things (did you figure out which color sheets I want yet?), I'm thinking about running over to our local West Elm and picking up these blackened planters on sale. Or maybe I will just save myself some sweat and order them. I'm so environmentally aware.

Ok, maybe not, but I am aware that I'm lazy.

Stay cool, homies!

Austin Craigslist, Cheapskate Edition

Craigslist is littered with asshats who think their doo stained sofas should fetch 1st Dibs prices, but you can't let that stop you from using the craig for good and not for evil. To be perfectly honest, it's been a while since I checked in and zoned out on tables and chairs. Today I had a few extra minutes to search for treasure, and I was a little surprised by all the awesomeness I found among the mirrows, rod iron, and chester drawers. Of course, much of said stuff was Knoll and therefore astronomically expensive, but I did find a few cheap and shiny gems. Warning, many crappy pictures shall follow. People, please learn how to use a camera so you can stop making our blog ugly. Thank you.

That's right. Smoked glass and brass coffee table. $65 here. Shazam!

Mirrored coffee table. Cool shape but those flowers are dumb. It wants to be painted black so badly. Can you help it? $60 here.

Neato chrome chair -- would look amazing floating in a room where you could see it from all angles. Gold star for decent photography. $60 here.

I actually opened up photoshop for this, just so you could see the majesty of this sweet little bedroom set in all its glory. $150 here.

It's got the Mediterranean flava. $35 here.

Pair it with this light. $50 here.

And this rug. $120 here.

And hey, why not this pair (yes, two) of square topped, vintage pedestal tables? $25 here.

Or skip the trad trend and get retro with a pair of square brass mirrored tables. I like these better for our room, anyway. $90 here. The hideous photography is free. You're welcome.

This will also go nicely in our fantasy room. Antique buffet with clean lines and pretty wood. $75 here.

In a totally different room (like, my living room) lives this huge heavy black lacquer 70s coffee table with BRASS base. $45. Within walking distance of my house. Why have I not bought this again? Did I forget to put the link in? Silly me.

Finally, this is not really cheap ($350 here) but I love the shape. The vaguely southwestern pattern/palette is potentially troubling, but I say you just Nagel the bleep out of that shit.

Perfect! And only $10.

And there you have it. Obviously I have rekindled my craig obsession, which is bad since I need more furniture like Oprah needs more celebrities to tell her how AMAZING!!!! she is. Now go buy one of these things, send me a picture of it in its new home, and I will post it.

As long as the picture is good.