Acid Wasp

Continuing on yesterday's theme, I finally registered for Olio and started moodboarding away. For some reason, Olio is getting glitchy on me, so I only finished got to a stopping point on one of the umpteen boards I started. This is probably for the best since I need to focus (like, bad). I've already been wrasslin' with the computer for hours this morning and I have a mountain of paying work to do. Sadly, I can't sit around shopping the netz all day long, so this is what you dudes get for today. Maybe I'll finish the other ones I started... maybe not. You tell me.

It's not the most fully fleshed out space and it's definitely the most subdued room I worked on, but you get the drift. Sofa is Mitchell Gold, rug is an antique Persian from 1st Dibs (I am now totally obsessed with bleached out Persians), coffee table is from 1st Dibs (also obsessed with anything Egyptian), chair is by Soane, art is by Andy Gilmore, the chandelier is Anthropologie, and I stole the pillow from Olio.

Time to work for real. Le sigh.

Later, pals.

Would You Like Some LSD With That?

Whip out your empire shades, rolled arm sofas and deco breakfronts, because neo trad is all the rage. I saw this coming a while ago and had no problem embracing the equestrian chic aspect of Waspy decor -- mile high hundred year old paintings of daddy's hunting dogs? check. Tobacco stained chesterfields lodged deep within hazy, dark paneled libraries? check. And then there is the toile... times a zillion.

However, I suppose I've generally maintained a sense of irony regarding traditional decor -- if done it must be done to the maxxxxxx. I mean, I'm young... ish. I even used to have a nose ring (it was the late 90s... ok, maybe I'm not so young anymore). Anyway, I don't do stuffy. But I do see a new path for me in the neo trad world. It's still crackers, but far more achievable than adopting an overblown, waspy ritalin chic aesthetic.

I shall dub this Acid Wasp.

This is the gist: furnishings are pretty and traditional/transitional. Candelabras are welcome. But if the furnishings are safe, the art must be risky. Crazy. Downright psychedelic. More like this:


Andy Gilmore, you have obviously indulged in the wide world of psychotropic drugs and I think your Vasarely-ish art would be supah floss with a poufy skirted sofa and a fringed lamp. Throw in an antique curved burlwood coffee table and I am in love.

As much as I would love to make this moodboard (can you dig it?), I have to put away my acid dreams and do some real work right now. Also, today is Ike's first day at daycare preschool, and I need to pull myself away from the hypnotrance inducing insanity of these pictures.

It would not do for mommy to arrive at the center with swirly eyes and drool caked at the corners of her mouth. That would not be traditional at all.

The Doors of Perception

When I was 16, I had this obsession with what my mother's life at my age was like. It would have been 1969, and I imagined her running wild and free on the beaches of California, hanging with hot surfer dudes and smoking the reefer (Legal Disclaimer: I have absolutely no first hand knowledge of said activities). Sifting through various old photos showed me that Mom was stunning, with long, straight 60's blond hair and big Twiggy eyes, and the kind of figure that a 16 year old late bloomer could only dream about. So between the hot dudes, reefer, and hot mom, it was easy to envision this super glamorous, ultra hip, swinging lifestyle set to the music and crazed colors and all of the happenings of the sixties. Sadly, my obsession materialized as a suede fringed vest, ankle breaker clogs, oddly braided hair, and a predilection for The Beach Boys and Jefferson Airplane. Yes, something was missing in translation. Although my tastes have (mostly) matured over the years, there will always be this part of me that yearns to turn my house into an all out psychedelic den of mindblowing prints, patterns and colors. Because I'm too old to do drugs, people. But I still like The Beach Boys.

m interiors

I wouldn't normally kick off a tour of my teenage dream pad with a bathroom picture, but the folks at M Interiors know something about mixing business with pleasure. The all-overness is killing me (in a good way), and I desperately need that swag light. STAT!

In the powder room, I will be featuring this wallpaper by artiste Virgil Marti:

virgil marti

Yes, that is fluorescent ink printed on black rayon flock. Hot damn, I love that wallpaper. Add some NyQuil, and you've got yourself an experience. Oh, and the blacklights would be sure to highlight any hygiene indiscretions.

Now that your hands are clean, you can come eat. The dining area would go a little something like this:

wary meyers

Wary Meyers, scroungy heroes of hip brokesters everywhere, starched vintage fabric onto the walls and used the leftovers to upholster matching cushions for their tulip chairs. Genius on the cheap.

The hallway leading from my fantasy dining area to the fantasy living quarters would be swathed in a trippy pattern from floor to ceiling, like this crazy tunnel of love from Domino:

psychedelic tunnel

Temo Callahan (whoever you are), the rest of your batshite insane pad makes me claustrophobic, but this is an epic Willy Wonkaesque masterpiece.

The living room will feature a ton of funky fabrics and patterns, of course:

m interiors

M Interiors seem to be masters of mind reading, because I love this classic empire sofa recovered in a wackadoo print. Keeping the pieces vintage but recovering with fresh fabric prevents fauxchedelic syndrome:

crazy couch

Woof. No amount of NyQuil can make that palatable. The chrome legs, especially, make my eyes bleed. Even though this is a designer piece presented in Milan, I just know that's a cheap Sofamart couch with a nylon slipcover stretched over the foam. And that is wrong.

Must get back to my happy place, pronto!


Aaaahhhh... that's better. This picture by super photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo demonstrates the softer side of psychedelia. Of course, in my crazy fantasy pad, I would have to spice things up a bit. We'll be needing some art:

andy gilmore

My real life pad may have to borrow these Andy Gilmore pieces from the fantasy pad. Because they're AMAZING. And homeboy has an Etsy shop. Yes he does.

andy gilmore

I'll definitely need a special chair to sit in and concentrate on Gilmore's goodness...

jack larsen

This groovy chair upholstered in rad Jack Lenor Larsen fabric ought to do the trick. That dude had vision. Like the kind that comes from peyote.

Or, I could always keep the furnishings lean and go the psychedelic wallpaper route, a la Kelly Wearstler:

kelly wearstler

Whoa. Who needs a tv when you could just watch the wallpaper dance?

After all that dancing, I may need to chillax in my super restful bedroom:

miller on mansfield

Sorry about the terrible pictures, but I just had to show UK hotel, The Miller of Mansfield, getting its groove on. Bed In, anyone? I will be co opting that top headboard for the fantasy pad, thank you.

Perhaps I'll go a bit more minimal in the guest bedroom.


I love everything about this bedroom from Ngoc Minh Ngo's portfolio for my real life pad, including the fab psychedelic pillows. For my teenage dream home, though, I think we'll need a wee bit more drama.

suzy hoodless

Let's see -- this crazy wallpaper in a Suzy Hoodless designed hospital seems to be about the right color scheme... and who doesn't want a giant creepy owl hooting at them in the middle of the night? Whooo? Whooo?

Phew, I'm tired after a long and stimulating day of looking. I may need to sit in my little nook papered with this chill Ferm pattern:


The chair is staying, fo shiz. I will need it to sit and meditate on how the future is going to be so much brighter since we will soon be out from under the thumb of oppression, and we won't need to protest the war anymore, or rebel against narrow minded conservative zealots. Unless you live in California. Or Florida. I guess there's always a need for more flower power.