Acid Wasp

Continuing on yesterday's theme, I finally registered for Olio and started moodboarding away. For some reason, Olio is getting glitchy on me, so I only finished got to a stopping point on one of the umpteen boards I started. This is probably for the best since I need to focus (like, bad). I've already been wrasslin' with the computer for hours this morning and I have a mountain of paying work to do. Sadly, I can't sit around shopping the netz all day long, so this is what you dudes get for today. Maybe I'll finish the other ones I started... maybe not. You tell me.

It's not the most fully fleshed out space and it's definitely the most subdued room I worked on, but you get the drift. Sofa is Mitchell Gold, rug is an antique Persian from 1st Dibs (I am now totally obsessed with bleached out Persians), coffee table is from 1st Dibs (also obsessed with anything Egyptian), chair is by Soane, art is by Andy Gilmore, the chandelier is Anthropologie, and I stole the pillow from Olio.

Time to work for real. Le sigh.

Later, pals.