Trend Spotting: Garland

As you already know, everyday is a party here at DC headquarters.  Unfortunately, the South South Austin branch of our conglomeration is not reflecting this ideology all too well.  Enter, a trend I've been spotting all over the web:  Garland.  Both festive and feminine, these lovely paper cutouts say "Yeah, it's Wednesday, why don't you just go ahead and get your groove on?"

via Please Sir

The flag banner in it's most basic form.  Can't you just smell the turkey legs and screaming children?

Artist Sophie Cuvelier juxtaposes the flag banner hype with quite interiors:

The small scale of her hand cut pieces become blissfully overwhelming when produced en masse. I can see these in every single room of my house.  If only I had the patience and time it must take to assemble these suckers. 

Wedding stylist Rebecca Thuss  Brings the jamz with her large scale garland alter.  I am wondering how my husband and mother will feel if I file for divorce so that I may remarry (same man) under this insane piece.  I will not be wearing that blue dress, though.

For a totally over-powering paper cutout experience, check out the works of stylist Zoe Bradley  her garland displays are to-die-for and probably even bring window-dresser-to-the-stars, Simon Doonan, to his Burberry knees. 

Zoe combines boxes, bags, paper and bows to make a Karly-Flavored dream display

If you need to water down your garland fashion for everyday wear, perhaps something like this is a bit more your style:

This garland inspired necklace from flickr user Vera Joao creates an instant traveling party.  Perfect for running errands or taking your cats to the vet. 

One of my very favorite flag banner pieces is this print by artist Elisabeth Dunker.  It has been my desktop image for as long as I can remember, one day I will own it in the flesh but for now it cheers me up every time I hop on my computer (which is almost every second of the day).  Note:  much more inspiring than a keep calm and carry on poster/pillow/towel/trash can liner.

You may remember that I have a smallish obsession with twins, when twin brothers Marc and Ian Hundley were featured on the Selby with their garland I almost fainted.  Seriously, why don't you just throw Christain Bale into the shot so I can be completely sent over the edge?

If like me your heart rate has excelled to a no-longer healthy pace and your head is spinning with visions of garland throughout your house but you find the task of construction a bit daunting, you can always visit our fine friends at Etsy:

clockwise from top left: cupcake garland by etsy user Frivolous Whimsey; Garland of Paper Flowers by Millalove; Royal Garland and Royal Garland detail by Royalbuffet; Baby Mama Papel Picado by Aymujer

While (thank god) I don't have a use for the Baby Mama garland, I think it's probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen.  Millalove's paper flowers are so delightfully perfect. I can barely fold a booklet and this gal is whipping out paper dalias like it's nobody's business.

I'm a pretty crafty lady, but the one quality I possess that outweighs my creativity is my aversion to tedium - I'm willing to bet a million dollars that I never knit an entire scarf - so it's good to know that these Etsy kids have my back and are willing to bring the party while I kick back and spike the punch.


UPDATE!  2 of our lovely readers reminded us about these lovely flag banners:

Woodley Park Zoo welcomes her new Feesh flag banner style.  I dare you to find a cuter fish welcome sign.

And thank you, Anna, for reminding me about my favorite Ikea fabric (how could I forget????)!!!