Spring has NOT Sprung, Damnit!

While you dudes are blissfully watching the snow melt off of branches and ushering in the coming of spring, I am fighting it off tooth and nail.  It's a balmy 82 degrees here in austin and the only ice I've seen for the last few months came out of my fridge.  This is why, my friends, I will be spending the next 5 fun-filled days on the slopes in Vail, Colorado.  Holla! I wanted to bring you a ski cabin related post today but most of my searches ended with pictures like this:

This from a site that promises to show you how to "create your own ski lodge look."  Let's get this straight, this chair should not ever be seen near a ski slope, much less in some living room in the Carolina suburbs.  I'm not giving you a link because no one should ever learn to do this. The madness doesn't stop there, google roulette fed me all of this:

This is in Vail!  That mural is not ironic!  Knock out a hole in the wall where that mural is and enjoy the view that you most certainly have.  And why for the umbrella?

Look!  Eddie Veddar inspired seating, how quaint.

For a modern twist on the ski chalet, try ignoring the space you're working with.  Oh, and don't bother with making your curtains reach the floor.

If your constantly concerned that you won't feel like royalty while relaxing in your cabin, you could rent this pad:

Seriously, What is going on here?

I searched high and low for some good pictures for you folks.  Even my tried and true design hotel resources couldn't save me this time.  However, I didn't want to leave you with BOTH of your eyes bleeding, so I'll spare your souls with a few shots from every blog on earth's fave, Suzy Hoodless.  Hey it's not a ski resort, but the place had "lodge" in the name, so I'm going with it:

Ok, you caught me:  Erin posted some of those pictures before.  But, hey, I'm about to go on vacation, what do you expect?

Thankfully, I'll be staying with my aunt, who is an interior designer with impeccable taste, so my digs should more closely resemble the latter rather than the former.

While I'm gone I've got some badassical guest blogging posts lined up for you:  Erin will be rockin her usual days next week, but Raina, from If the Lampshade Fits will be giving you a shoutout on Tuesday and NerF from Designer's Brew will be bringin it home on Thursday.  Stay Tuned!

Peace out Bitches!