pantone 380c

Ok, so I think I got all of the dutch nonsense out of my system yesterday and now I can get back to the task at hand:  waxing poetic about my newest most favoritest shade of yellow: clean, crisp, neon lemony-ish!  (NOT warm murky school bus macaroni).  

yellow housewares

clockwise from top left: chair by jens fager;  Kevätjuhla mug by Miina Äkkijyrkkä for Marimekko;  Astor Ceramic Canister by Wandrlust;  Trollsta sideboard by Ikea

I just hung a fantastic vintage door on a barn-door track in my living room, I thought I wanted to paint it lime, yet every swatch I looked at just looked so, um, tired.  Then I realized, ah ha!!  I don't want lime, I want lemon.  How could I have been so silly?  I'm obsessed now.  I had a bit of a hard time finding the perfect shade for this post, I had to sift through LOTS of macaroni yellows.  yuck.  But here are more good ones:

more yellow

The world's dreamiest fridge from Smeg;   Fishnet wallpaper available at Walnut;  Mod Square Porcelain Dish from Etsy seller Shoshonasnow

Actually, those Etsy kids were all over the lemon yellow:

etsy lemon yellow

Chair Yellow Watercolor by midcenturyjo; 6oz tea cup by circaceramics;  Lemon Rings Linen Coasters by Megan Burch;  Specimins table napkin by skinnylaminx

One of the reasons I want to paint my door yellow is because it's going to open to my black, white and lemon bedroom.  I REALLY REALLY want a bold, graphic lemon bedspread.  Here are some textiles I found with my color mixed in:


Mauste duvet by Pia Holm for Marimekko, Blossom Velvet Box pillow at Urban Outfitters; Warbler Green Pillow by Salvor Fauna available at wandrlust; Toile Lemon Rug by Madeline Weinrib Atelier

As a general rule, I can not afford Madeline Weinrib, here are some other possible textiles for my bedroom:

yellow textiles

Flower Mess bedspread by Ferm Living;  Rainbow Jungle Tapestry available at Urban Outfitters;  Pine Dish Towel also by Ferm Living

I am almost in love with the flower mess bedspread, I'm a little worried that it might end up being the wrong shade of yellow in person.  The Rainbow Jungle Tapestry bedspread is cute but I almost can't order it by default... seriously, it has the 3 worst words ever in the title.  And, I know, I know, that is a dish towel, not a bed linen, perhaps I could use it to make a throw or something?

And to see the yellow in a room:

room views

first 2 images courtesy of Desire to Inspire

bottom image courtesy of Lazzarini Pickering Architecture

So, after all this fuss I bet you're thinking that this door of mine better be pretty special.  Well, here it is:


I know, I know, the cream looks perfect in this picture, and, why would I want to paint it yellow?  I'm going to be moving things around and adding new stuff.  It's going to look great when it's done.  promise.  I'll share pictures.  On another note, how do you like my stencil wall?  I'll give you a how to on that as soon as I muster the strength to type it all out.

So, what does everyone say?  Are we loving the yellow?