My Date With Sanders

I went to visit Sanders yesterday so he could pick the perfect paint color for me, and when I told him I had a north facing, shady room with high ceilings, this is what he chose to go with my flooring sample: benjamin moore pashmina

It's called Pashmina, and it's a medium gray/brown. Pretty, but not exactly the white I was hoping for.

benjamin moore pashmina

Here it is in another room I ran on the color analyzer thingamajig doohickeywopper.

It's nice, right? But maybe too dark? Maybe not?

When I told Sanders I wanted white, he shook his head in the wrong direction... he did give me a few lighter samples, but they all looked like dingy shitballs when I held them up to the walls at New House. Here is the best of the light samples he gave me:

It's called Deep in Thought, and I am deeply thinking it looks better in these rooms than it will in mine.

What do you think? Whiteish or medium greige?

I'm going back to visit Sanders again today, but I'll tell you now that he's pretty much always right.