Big Booty Wood

Apologies for not giving y'all the attention you so richly deserve, especially since I truly appreciate all the feedback and comments you've offered on our quest for the perfect floors. Let me just say that I'm so busy I can barely remember my name anymore. Having our house on the market has been INSANE. Like, we don't live here anymore insane. I barely have internet access, we are surviving on salt and grease laden take out -- despite which I have lost several pounds from stress -- and Ike isn't sure where to call home. Still we've managed to decide on flooring. Drum roll please...

It's engineered white oak in a 6" strip with a natural, matte finish. I'm hoping it will look like this floor:

Because that floor is sex on a stick.

I was (ok, and still am) more than a little worried about the wide plank, but it was the best quality material I could afford and that's the only size it came in. Luckily a kind commenter directed me to these floors, which have renewed my lust for big booty planks:

Freaking orgasmic, I tell you. Dinesen makes some of the most fabulous flooring I've ever seen, but I'm betting the farm that it's waaaay more pricey than what I bought.

Those boards are ridiculously long, and look at how little variation there is... gajillion dollar floors for sure.

I'm still a little nervous that I might tire of the bigger is better look, but these photos are going a long way towards convincing me otherwise.

What do you think? Fat or skinny?