Mural Mural on the Wall

Matt and I are finally going to break ground on our bedroom this weekend, which has me frantically sifting through my magazines and bookmarks fueling up with last minute inspiration.  While I am dying for a large-scale piece of original art, my bank account looks at me with a big frown and says:  yeah right. Thank god I have a projector that hooks up to my computer.  With this fancy device and my two-can-of-paint-budget, I can easily knockoff duplicate almost any one-color wall mural.  A few of the following are vying for my attention:

Room 206, Hotel Fox, by WK Interact

This beauty has been siren-songing my name for a while.  Matt likes her too (of course) but Erin says it will look like a big porn threw up on my wall - or something to that effect.  I wouldn't copy her exactly, but I am taken by the stark black and white of this room.

The Hotel Fox boasts several other murals, none of which are right for my room, but they are fun to look at nonetheless:

Room 106, Hotel Fox, by Geneviève Gauckler

GRRRRR, I steal children's souls while they sleep!!!

Note to self:  put this in your baby's room

I was really in love with the porn lady until I got wind of this kitty cat:

Larry the Cat at Portland, Oregon's Ace Hotel

Yes, I have written about Larry before, but really, can anyone ever get enough of this lovely feline?  I didn't think so.  Seems as though my love for animal decor will never die.

Specifically, my Love for Horses in Houses, yum:

Studio Ilse

I really really really want my entire house to be horse themed.  Horse couches, horse art, horse murals, horse dishes.  I mean seriously horse themed.  Screw one wall covered in horse art, I't talking top-to-bottom.  How's that for en masse?  I think I just felt a tear rolling down my cheak.

If I can't have wall-to-wall horses, pictures of people I don't know will work as well:

Hotel Particulier, room by Natacha Lesueur

The wall behind my bed is about 3 times the size of this one with the photos, so if I can score 6 giant head prints, then I'll be in business.

It seems as though I'm running to catch up with the band-wagon, as giant heads are all the rage:

Sixty Hotel designed by Studio 63

More big heads:

Interior by Concepts Interior Design

And just to drive the point home:

(L) Suite 5, The Lute Suites, Marcel Wanders Studio; (R) unknown, found on Studio Picaso's flickr photostream

Perhaps the heads are too much for you and you'd prefer to zero-in on the window to the soul:

Offices of Neogamma / BBH, via This Ain't No Disco

This mural in the offices of Neogamma BBH is certainly swoonworthy.  The fact that they have a second proves that these dudes know how to party:

I'm pretty sure they were able to zero-in on exactly what sheeps think about: "blurb. color. exclamation mark. splash."  sort of like me when I write blog posts.

In other animal mural news (I told you I couldn't get enough):

Unknown from Digital Picaso's flickr photostream

I never thought I'd say this but, that tromp i'oil chandelier is almost overshadowing those lovely animals.  

If, like me, you're diggin the faux furniture wall mural, and would like to leave the artwork creation to those who actually know what they're doing, perhaps you could try one of these wallpapers:

Semi-Drum, Semi Drum x 2, and Stripy Jumper available via the collection

Want something bigger?  That's my girl:

Wall murals by Surface View

There's those darn animals again.  Here are some wallpaper murals that don't belong to the creepy phyllum:

Femme Fatal available via walnut wallpaper

oops, that was only one non-animal image, now I'm getting back to my roots with this animal-house mural:

Home Made Restaurant

Yum, if the food at this restaurant is 1/4 as good as their design, then they shall be serving the people for eternity.  Great.  Now I'm hungry.

And finally, an image that is neither animal or silhouette:

Interior Shot by Gabby Zimmermann

Ok, so maybe this wall doesn't really fit in, but it sure is pretty and I would hang the hell out of that wallpaper given the right opportunity.

So, what do you guys think?  Should I go for a gigantic wall mural (please don't suggest a wall sticker!) or should I play it safe and do something that actually says "real people sleep here?"