Studio Ilse Or Else

Friends, it was a looooong weekend. We hosted a garage sale, ripped out our upper kitchen cabinets, attended a friend's awesome housewarming party, and just didn't get enough sleep. I kind of want to crawl back under the covers, and stop fighting the urge to rest my weary eyes. But no! I shall prevail against the dastardly Monday doldrums by bombarding you will a zillion pictures by brilliant design firm, Studio Ilse. Studio Ilse provides its clients with what they call emotional design, or "expressive design that communicates to us on a primal level and addresses our human needs." That sounds pretty good, right? Do you think they can address my need for sleep?

studio ilse

I suppose I could curl up on that hot pink Togo couch and take a nap, but I think I'd rather prop the old peepers up with toothpicks a la Tom and Jerry and take a tour of this fab office on London Road.

studio ilse

Let's see: hot pink couch (check), Klein Blue credenza painted to match Klein Blue walls and Klein Blue carpet (super check), anatomical charts (check), funky Chris LaBrooy felt chandelier (check), and a vintage typewriter?! Check plus.

Let's see what else Ilse can come up with:


studio ilse

How about the uber gorgeous Aesop storefront that goes a little something like 19th century apothecary meets 1920s industrial? I covet the restrained color palette (no contrasting trim!), and judicious use of furnishings. The spaces are all tone, texture, and badass lighting. I want every single pendant, floor, and desk lamp, featured in these pictures. Oh, and I'll take the staircase, too. We'll just cut out a wee hole in the roof for an observatory deck. Hopefully it won't rain anytime soon. Like, ever.

studio ilse

studio ilse

I likewise love this delicious show home designed for Rosa Morrison. Windows, walls and floors, oh my! And it's nice to see something that looks modern yet comfortable for a change. I don't think I would hate sitting on that couch or any of the chairs. Also, the more black walls I see, the more convinced I am that I should paint my kitchen and dining room black... It just looks so scrumptious with white and wood. Quick poll: is black already passe? Because it won't be fun to paint over it. At all.

Decidedly not passe Studio Ilse takes on a range of decor projects, including hotels and spas. I love this dreamy hotel in Stockholm:

studio ilse

Crazy chair alert! How good are these??? Would you feel all tiny in these giant chairs? (Or maybe that's just my Napoleon complex talking.) I kind of think their scale recalls those hooded Louis chairs popularized by Kelly Wearstler, but the lack of ornament makes them so much more livable. I'll take six, please (but I'm passing on the artichoke lamp... don't hate me, ok?).

Some more hotel shots:

stockholm hotel

Gold bar, golden pendant bulbs, tufted sofa banquette, and gorgeous natural lighting. What more could you ask for in a hotel? That's right: nothing.

Except for maybe this kitchen...

studio ilse kitchen

Those colors are breaking my heart. The carrera marble counters would break my bank. But I'm inspired by the golden hardware. Gold could peacefully coexisit with stainless appliances, right? Yes, I think so.

A gorgeous resort in Kranzbach (wherever that is...):

studio ilse

I've never been a big fan of those bubble pendants until now. That arrangement is hubba bubblalicious to the max! And how unChristmasy is the red room framed by jaw dropping spring green curtains? I love how Isle mixes one quirky element -- like scale, color, or texture -- into an otherwise restrained space. It feels homey, but still interesting.

Some more red fabulousness for you:

studio ilse

The reception area of advertising firm, Mother, is pretty close to perfection. But where's my People magazine?

Aptly named design company, Gorgeous, isn't too shabby itself.

studio ilse

Red, wood and white. Classic. Slick and funky pod chair next to weird painting of boobies. Genius.

Last pic of the day comes from medical research charity, Wellcome Trust.

studio ilse

I wish I could snatch that floor lamp right out of the picture frame. And I have the sudden compulsion to cover everything in Abominable Snowman fur. PETA, do you have a problem with that?

That's it for today. I'm going to clean up my dusty kitchen and try to get it back into a reasonably functional state. I'll try to post pics of the progress later this week, along with screenshots of Hunny Bunny's mindblowingly ridiculous Google Sketch of the kitchen to come (cross your fingers and hope for the best).