Moroccan Slumber Party

Last week, Sherri requested that we post more bathrooms.  I was all geared up to fulfill that request today, however, whilst searching the interweb for glorious potty pics, I stumbled upon a Riad in Morocco that was so stunning I had to do the unthinkable:  give a raincheck to a fellow blogger. So sorry, Sherri, I promise to post bathroom decor porn next week.

There's lots to love in this Moroccan guesthouse, the tile, the wood work, the greenery.  But what I adore most of all is that you can sleep outside without having to deal with, well, the outside.

I LOVE sleeping outdoors but I absolutely HATE camping.  My idea of a perfect night's sleep is on a comfy daybed on a screened in porch during a moderately warm summer night by the ocean.  See:  I'm outside, but totally protected from the bugs and the elements.  I may even have a latch-hook on my screen door, so there.

Each of the rooms in this space is openly connected to the outdoor courtyard but (yay!) they have real beds and roofs.

Enough small talk, let's collectively drool:

I know you all remember the time we had make-believe ladies night at the Goldbar, and the other time we went out for cocktails at the Barcelona Ravel, right?  Well, from here on out, whenever we go pretend camping, this is where we will be staying.