Leopard Rug Update

For President's Day my leopard rug arrived. Thank you, Obama (and Overstock). So the rug is pretty -- it's by Safavieh and looks to be of decent quality. Better Half Ben rolled it out for me and three seconds later Ike and the cat were clawing and break dancing all over it (cat = clawing and Ike = break dancing, although I would prefer for the opposite to have occurred), so I guess it's plush enough.

What it's not is the right size.

I took this picture at night so the colors are all wonktacular, but maybe you can see the problem with this space. It's really long and narrow, and the 6x9 rug isn't working... I think. I could shove it up under the credenza, but then it would leave this awkward open space on either side where I had planned to plunk down a pair of matching chairs.

For everyone interested in buying the same rug, here's a daytime shot that better shows the caramel/tan colors:

I should really straighten up my furniture before I take pictures, right? Oh well.

So, what do you think? Can it work here, or should I move it to the front room and keep shopping? I'd like to maintain an open space in front of the console table so that I can roll out the benches beneath it for seating.

As a reminder, here's some newborn baby pictures of how the room is laid out:

First of all: don't panic! The fireplace has been painted and the tv is better situated (I plan to reveal it this week). The brown dining table is now in the dinette area (it looks terrible -- new dining table is on the list), and the black credenza is against the back wall. The open area between the credenza and console is where I plan to hold play convention 2012-2040 (holy shit I am going to be old when these kids are grown). I just need a rug to mark out the space.

It would be so easy to buy a crazy 4x10 or 5x11 Persian rug off Ebay, except I already have a red Persian rug (which I like) in the room, and I can't have two, right?

I was thinking I might could get away with a Nain rug (they tend to be blue), because it would be different yet similar to the one I already have... I don't know anymore. Rug overload.

What do you think? Leopard where I have it or leopard in the front room?

What kind of rug should I get if I move the leopard?

Or should I totally reorganize the entire living area?

Fireplace pictures to follow.

Wallpaper sample pictures to follow.

Damn I have a lot of things to do.