Team Multiple Oriental

Thank you, Rebecca, for making my day with that comment. I started to google TMO just to see what popped up, but decided I'd like for my eyes to live to fight another day. Anyway I am moving forward with TMO, mostly because I can't think of what other type of rug might come in such an odd size as 5x11 or so -- except for a custom job, of course. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. In the meantime, I'm wide open to alternate suggestions if you happen across anything amazing! and spectacular! that simply must be shared.

Let's all take a moment to assess the potential for TMO success.

Some of these images came from The World of Interiors, and some came from this silly post I wrote a while back. Read it. I used to have a sense of humor.

And now friends, I have to scoot. Must see doctor about increasingly scary pregnant stuff. Please cross your fingers and toes and eyes and boobies and man parts for me.