Holiday Gift Guide: Nifty Under Fifty (Ok, Maybe $55)

15 days, people. Do you have your stockings stuffed and presents purchased? Or are you a big bunch of impoverished procrastinators like me? Well, hark, the herald angels are singing about all the (relatively) cheap and awesome gift ideas I'm about to post for your shopping pleasure. If your head is a swirlin' with confusion because there is just too much stuff out there, then let me clear it up for you: buy this, that and the other. Details to follow.

gifts housewares

Need an elegant gift for a decor junkie? Any of these quirky beauties will do in a pinch. Clockwise from top left: 1. Vintage French Bedside Carafe, $50, P.O.S.H. Chicago. 2. Eva Solo Glass Bird feeder, $55, Uncrate. 3. Flavour Design Udon Noodle Bowl, $28, ReForm School. 4. Gold Mustache Key Hook, $45, benfloeter at Etsy.


Or maybe this canine du jour Porcelain Pug by ag & kb will fill the hearts of your dog lover friends with happiness. $40, available via Poppytalk Handmade.


These soft and cuddly pillows make easy gifts for people with a voracious appetite for style. Clockwise from top left: 1. Terrier in Egg Chair (!), $35, by Designer Cushions via Etsy, 2. Piebald Polo Pony, $35, by Designer Cusions via Etsy, 3. Embroidered Wolf Cushion, $35, by alisonalison via Etsy, 4. Seargant Cushion, $35, by katrinakaye via Etsy, 5. Nordic Punch Knit Pillow, $42, Urban Outfitters, 6. Out For Blood Pillow, $35, by Grand Array via Etsy.


Help your loved ones keep track of time with this hand-printed letterpress calendar that's sure to bring cheer to the new year. $40, by paperedtogether via Etsy.

door knockers

Nothing says, "Welcome!" like some substantial hardware on the front door. Left: Large Ring Door Knocker in Antique Brass, $50, Restoration Hardware. Right: Vintage Lion's Head Door Knocker, $45, BIN on Ebay.

door knockers

Did I mention that I'm a little obsessed with door knockers right now? These Hand of Fatima style knockers are playful but laden with historical and cultural weight. Clockwise from top left: 1. Hand Door Knocker, $42, The French House. 2. Tiny picture of Hand and Ball Door Knocker, $32.99, Creative Direction Products. 3. (another tiny picture) Hand of Fatima Moroccan Brass Door Knocker, $32.99, BIN at Ebay. 4. Door Knocker Inspiration courtesy of Never in All My Life.

stork scissors

These simply beautiful Dovo Stork Scissors are the perfect gift for a crafty loved one. Made in Germany, the quality is sure to please. $29.50, Quilter's Paradise.

nesting dolls

Vintage Nesting Dolls are make charming gifts for the old and young alike. Use them as dolls, toys, or containers... hide some treasures inside. Matroyshka Doll Set, $35, White Elephant Vintage.

holiday toys

What would Christmas be without toys? For a fun loving individual, check out these gems: 1. Bow and Mallow Marshmallow Shooter, $29.99, Think Geek. 2. Lomography Pink Fisheye Camera, $48, Urban Outfitters. 3. Juno Cheeseburger Phone, $26, Fred Flare. 4. 3D Pig Anatomy Puzzle, $40, Unica Home.

For the kid at heart -- or even just a kid! -- Maurice Sendak's classic Where the Wild Things Are plush dolls are sure to put on a happy face. Moishe and Barnard, $40 for both, from Shop Rock Candy.

etsy cowls

warm and fuzzy

Dipping temperatures equate to a soaring lust for anything warm and fuzzy. Keep your pals under wraps with these stylin' cabled goodies. Clockwise from top left: 1. Something I had to remove from Etsy. 2. Small White Cloud, $55, by super nice fellow Austinite rosetung via Etsy. 3. Cashmere Arm Warmers, $55, by Lauren Urstadt at Intermix. 4. Blue Alpaca Cowl, $35, by rosetung via Etsy.

holiday jewelry

A little bling never hurt a thing. This one goes out to all the ladies. Clockwise from top left: 1. Brass Arrow Necklace, $30, by Loyalty and Blood via Etsy. 2. Wildlife Necklace, $34, by luxedeluxe via Etsy. 3. Sterling Silver Forget Me Knot Ring, $50, ReForm School. 4. 14kt Tiny Treat Necklace in Cupcake or Pretzel, $50, Fred Flare.

leah gibbertson

Prints by Leah Giberson are perfect for your favorite swimfan... in fact, I know someone who would love these! $30 each, via Etsy.

silhouette masterpiece theater

Christmas stories don't always end well... This print by Wilhelm Staehle from his Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre series shows what might happen to those who have been naughty instead of nice. $30 for a framed print of both images, available via The Bazaarium.

See something a special someone might like? Well, what are you still doing here?! A lot of these items are handmade and will surely sell out quickly. If you're still looking for a gift with that super awesome wow factor, tune in tomorrow to see Karly's roundup of gifts under $100. And don't forget to check out Friday's guide to gifts under a million... I know that's what you and your wallet are really waiting for.