Sexy Skeleton

Close your eyes and imagine... no wait, close your eyes just enough so you can still read this.. and imagine you are the CEO of a company that manufactures and produces X-Ray machines.  Fun, right?  Now imagine that the holidays have rolled around and it's time to wow your medical clients with a gift that says "thanks for buying 18 million dollars worth of x-ray machines for your hospitals."  You can't just send a fruit basket.

Enter Japanese X-Ray Machine manufacturer, EIZO.  Along with their advertising agency,  Butter, EIZO created this x-ray pinup calendar to, um, spread some holiday cheer.  Ms June is shown above.

Ms. August

Ms. September

Ms. November

For the full calendar, click HERE

Holiday Gift Guide: Under a Billion

For the last few days Erin and I have been pounding the interweb pavement bringing you the best holiday gifts chump change can buy; but we know what you're really here for:  our billion dollar round up.  We spent lots of time finding the world's most exclusive items, Lucite Chanel Briefcases, Diamond Studded Fixed Gear Bikes, $320,000 prize cows, the list goes on.  But we realized, you know, if someone is going to drop a billion skrillas on their beloved, why not go with a gift that says "I think you're awesome and I want the whole world to know.  Forever." That's why we here at Design Crisis Headquarters are proud to offer the world's Most Exclusive, Most Expensive Holiday Gift Ever (fact).

For 1 billion dollars cash, you may purchase a life-long ad on  That's right!  Erin and I will continue blogging for the rest of our natural born lives in order to ensure that the whole world knows your BFF is totally awesome.  Want to promote her business?  Great!  Want to show a picture of her holding a baby kitten?  No Problem!  Whatever it is you want to share with the planet, this is your chance!  Act now, this special holiday offering won't last long.  After December 25th Design Crisis ad opportunities will revert to measly civilian rates with laughable 30-day contracts. To reserve your eternal ad on Design Crisis, contact us at today!

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $500

Ho Ho Ho, we're climbing the gift guide charts here at DC headquarters:  today we've made it to the under $500 category.  I'm hoping and preying that any of you taking notes have me on your list.  I mean, those $25 gifts were nice, but don't you really want to show me how much you care?  As Erin says, recession-schmession.  At least, I think she's said that.

You know I love gold.  and black.  and gold and black together.  So, basically, I'll be happy when you hand me any of these:

Love / Hate Convertible Chain Shades, $252

Suspiciously similar to D & G DXG Camcorder, $150

Lowrider Headphones, $128 (keeping my fingers crossed that you can find them in black.  or just all gold.  yes, all gold sounds good)

Loop Candelabra, $123  (I've been dreaming of owning one of these ever since Erin did This post)

Right out of my personal wish list: Pantone Color Bridge Set, $119

Ceramic Bubbles Candle Holder by Jaime Hayon, 387..... Euros (whont, whont)

Life Size Grazing Sheep, $448  (totally, completely, 100% worth the price) (seriously)

Equus Pedestal Bowl, $450  I wanted it for my table last year and, yes, I want it for my table again this year.

Humbert Throw by Missoni Home, $375

Park Planters, $100  You really should go to their site to check these out... most of the sculptures depict things you don't want to see in the park.  Think George Michael.  Got it?

Copenhagen Terrariums, $145 - $195  Perhaps these come with a handy guide explaining how to keep plants alive inside a sealed container unlike my vintage terrarium with, ahem, dead plants nestled under the plastic.

Braided Mixed Metal Chain Necklace, $120

Paper Cut art, $300

So there you go.  500 gifts for 500 dollars.  I mean, a few gifts for 500 dollars.  Whateves.  It really doesn't even matter at this point since tomorrow I'll be bringing you the ultimate, most mind blowing Christmas gift of your scene loving life.  Buckle Up.