Designer Spotlight: Inga Sempe

G'day everyone!  How 'bout ya'll raise your hands if you remember that monster Olympic-sized post I wrote on Tuesday?  Remember how it was the longest blog post ever in the history of mankind?  So, keeping that in mind, how do you feel about a slightly significantly shorter post today?  No go?  Hmmmm... what if I promise lots of pretty pictures?  Deal?  Deal.  Let's go. I have come to learn something recently which will undoubtedly shake you all to your core:  Ligne Roset carries several pieces of furniture.  True!  I know we all love to swoon over the Togo (I'm looking at you, Raina) but believe it or not, they actually have a very extensive line of lovely pieces.  And behind every line of great furniture stands a great designer.  Ok, they have several designers they work with but today we're focusing on one: Inga Sempe.

Ligne Roset unveiled it's newest piece, the Ruche, by designer Igna Sempe this week at the imm cologne

A simple, upholstered quilt is draped over a basic frame to create the newest piece.  And, since we're channeling Raina today, I will ask your thoughts please.

The Ruche is not Sempe's first piece for Ligne Roset, she has designed several including the Moel sofa and chair (shown above) as well as the Lampyre, the Long Pot, and Lunatique: a telescoping table.

Sempe's portfolio also contains this gem, designed for quirky Italian furniture makers, Edra

Edra let Sempe get away with these shelves as well, which, btw, I find delightful.

One of my favorite pieces by Sempe is this pleated hanging lamp for Cappelinni.  Designed in 2003 and still stunning as can be 7 years later.

I'm also enchanted with her high pleated lamp, also for Cappellini

And you know what, dudes?  That's all I've got for today.