For Your Hot Date This Weekend

There are a couple of people who send me links to things they think I would like, most of the time they are pretty spot on (how transparent am I?).  This week not one but two of my favorite internet super sleuths sent me THE VERY SAME LINK, so you know that shit was good.  Raina and Hope, I pledge to you my undying devotion for showing me these:

Gun Hoof Boots by Iris Schieferstein (via Jezebel)

While these boots are clearly a masterpiece and Iris could have stopped here, she didn't.  Check out the other creepy goodies she's rocking:

Just when I thought taxidermy was dead and buried for good, Iris comes along and makes it seem totally fresh again.

While I'm here, I'd also like to add an update to yesterday's post:

My mother (while working on her 2 martini lunch I presume) found this Hennessy bottle designed by Thursday's featured designer, Inga Sempe

Pair the cognac with your gun hoof boots and, girl, I think you've got yourself a weekend.  Tell me all about it monday, and yes, I want all the juicy details.