Things Made From Things

I love things en masse.  Take something small and insignificant and multiply it by 100, suddenly you have an interesting collection.  Take something small and kinda cool, then multiply that by 1,000 and shape it into something awesome then, well, then you have a blog post. 

Scott Jarvie Recycled Straw Clutch Chair

Nendo Designed Fabric Scrap Cabbage Chair

Fully Loaded Chair made from shotgun shells by Alexander Reh (yes, I've blogged about this before here)

balloona stool confetti by natalie kruch for umbra made from 500 balloons

Tide Chandelier made from collection of man made debris washed up on Kent coastline by Stuart Haygarth

Tail Light Chandelier Also by Stuart Haygarth

Mr. Haygarth is pretty much the king of making things out of things, view his entire site here

Volivik 347, Bic Pen Chandelier by en Pieza

#2 Pencil Chandelier by Daisuke Hiraiwa Gallery via inhabitat