We've Got a Winner For the Wally!

Lots of you loved the Woolly Pocket giveaway, and with good reason -- those little guys are mind bendingly awesome. I plugged your sweet comments into the random number generator and bop bop bing blam ka ching, we have a winner: #6 -- Jyll, come on down! Apparently you did all the right cheerleading stunts, wore an appropriately tacky t-shirt, and screamed until your throat turned hoarse, because Wally is coming home with you. Lucky girl!

For those of you who are crushed by a bitter sense of defeat, turn that frown upside down by ordering your own Wally right here.

Many many thanks to the super nice people at Woolly Pocket, who go above and beyond in their quest for the green life. How so, you may ask? Well, just check out their school garden initiative:

For $1000 schools can order an entire gardening system, complete with a curriculum. I love this idea because it's so important for kids to learn the magical joy that growing things from tiny seeds brings. This in and of itself makes WP uber rad, but they just have to one up themselves by helping to raise money for schools who need it. I think my runty black heart just grew two sizes. If yours did, too, you can go here to vote for Woolly Pocket, which will them a chance to win big bucks from Pepsi for the Woolly School Garden.

But the giving doesn't stop there -- if you go here and tweet Woolly Pocket's message, WP will donate $1 to the Woolly School Garden on your behalf.

Just look at those happy faces!

Ok, dudes, back later with some goings on at Casa Erin... the dust be flying round here.

Woolly Pocket Giveaway + My Fancy Guest Post

Summertime gives me a naturegasm. With all the lush verdure, I sometimes feel like I can hear things growing, and it's good to be filled with a sense of purposeful renewal. That's why I'm so excited the nice folks at Woolly Pocket are sponsoring a GIVEAWAY for us, plus I'm guest posting over at their blog today. How's that for cross pollination? Now, what the bleep is a Woolly Pocket, you may ask? Friends, prepare to be amazed.

Woolly Pockets are gardening systems that can be used indoors or out. They're made from recycled materials formed into flexible, breathable pouches that have a moisture barrier so you can hang them on walls or set them right on your more delicate furnishings. All you have to do is add soil, plants, and water, and then -- blammo! Instant garden. You can read more about the how tos right here.

Wally is a modular, wall hung pocket that can be used outside to build a vertical garden, creating a cool oasis (ok, a pool helps, too).

Or Wally can be used inside to recycle all that dirty carbon dioxide you've been shuffling around.

Wally is space saving and maximizes moisture, so you don't have to water 1000x times a day.

Here are two Wally pockets placed side by side in the kitchen, where they're being used to grow all sorts of yummy edibles. Brilliant idea for those of us with small outdoor spaces, or poor growing conditions (hello, Austin!).

You know you want to try a Wally on for size, and today is your lucky day! We're giving away one lined Wally pocket in peacock blue, so you can use him indoors or out. All you have to do is leave a comment by 12 noon CST on Sunday the 13th for a chance to win. Due to shipping constraints, I'm afraid this contest is open to US residents only. The winner will be announced on Monday the 14th, so tune in to see if it's you... it might be.

Now I hope that you'll all hop over to the Woolly Pocket blog where I've written up a little guest post that includes lots of images designed to inspire you to get busy gardening, indoor style. You know you want to go to there, so what are you waiting for?

Go! Now!

But leave a comment first, ok?