Banksy Is a Genius

So I'm a little ticked off because I had to delete my last post about Tom Wolfe's pompousness because The Selby said I couldn't use his pictures. That's funny... I feel like I've seen his pictures elsewhere. I mean, like EVERYWHERE. Mostly, I think The Selby saw a storm brewing between me and a gallery dealer regarding King Tom's espousal of ersatz artist, Frederick Hart. At least I called Hart a faux artist, but his gallery rep vehemently disagreed. Surprise, surprise. To make a long, pissy story short, I came across this quote by actual artist Banksy on Ffffound and it was like a rallying cry for me, an epiphany that something must be done about crappy "art."

banksy quote

Bright young things, I know you need to make a living, that eating tuna from cold tin cans and sleeping in a cardboard box is not appealing, but HELP!!! Please save us from a world where Frederick Hart is listed in the same sentence as Isamu Noguchi and Helen Frankenthaler (again, according to his rep).

I can't live in that world.