Leopard: Trend or Classic?

Remember when zebra rugs made everyone go all swoon! and lurve! and heart it so much! Ah, the 80s. Kidding -- that was just a few days ago. The internet in all its infernal efficiency has shortened the trend cycle almost to death, as in it's busted before it even begins. Case in point: I find myself yearning to jump on the leopard band wagon because it's trendy and I have been inundated with eight trillion hot ass pictures of fancy leopard sundries that make me want to run out and tattoo leopard spots all over my face. But if I invest in reupholstering a pair of wingback chairs in leopard velvet (something scalamandreish that magically costs about $40/yd hahaha), or -- even more attainable -- a leopard rug, will I regret hitting a wave that's already crested?

But I'm also lusting for leopard because it's dirt colored. Thank you, evolution, for considering the unavailability of showers in the wild for our feline friends. I, for one, support all things invented by necessity. And if you have a toddler you know patterns and dark colored fabrics are a necessity. Toddlers are a lot like wild animals.

Also leopard is just really pretty.

So what do you think? Is leopard a classic -- worthy of an investment piece? Or is it better used in small, easy to swap doses -- like pillows and throws?

Due to a major case of analysis paralysis (and a very tight budget), the fate of my living room decor depends on your opinion.

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