Beds -- Not Just For Night Night Time

I'm sorry that I've been kind of losery up in here -- someone obviously forgot to drink their tiger blood -- but you guys gotta cut me some slack (please). My mind is so feverishly feeble that I need a cane just to get to the other side of a sentence. Thank goodness Karly will be here tomorrow to rescue me, but until then you can watch me limp through this post like a broken gazelle. Don't sick the hyenas on me just yet; I do at least have a few pretty pictures for you. Of beds. That I would like to lounge on. During the day.

They're called daybeds.

Karly has one and now I want one, too... not that I could squeeze another single stick of furniture into this house. But as I've laid propped up on the couch for hours at a time, snotty toddler wheezing at my chest, watching Coraline and Nightmare Before Christmas (Ike has interesting taste) play like a stop action mobius strip across our tv, I've really found myself wishing we had a bed in the living room.

A daybed might be a little less squicky, right?

[Lonny, Marie Claire Maison]

A Few Big Paintings

Out here in the wilds of Texas, we say Go big or go home. Well, that is not exactly what we say, since we're all about being welcoming and friendly and stuff. But I will confirm that everything really is bigger in Texas. Bigger houses, bigger yards, bigger hair, bigger cars, and even though Austin is a bastion of sanity in an otherwise supersized state, it still has its resident megalomaniacs.

Namely me. But instead of parking a Hummer in the six car garage of my palatial estate, I fantasize about big art. Really big art.

kelly wearstler

Ooooh, it's so... BIG.

steven volpe

Don't believe the haters who say size doesn't matter. It does.

But what if you have a lust for oversized eye candy on a teeny weeny budget?

nick olsen

You fake it.

Can you believe that Nick Olsen, MY decorator boyfriend (I'm talking to you, AB Chao), made this painting all by his very own self? He is one hot DIY dude.

I am suddenly inspired to embark on a similar endeavor, although I'm pretty sure it will not turn out as well. In fact, it will probably look like my cat threw up on a canvas. On the other hand, my cat is very talented at many things, like sleeping, shedding, and clawing up furniture, so perhaps I should just back off and let her have a turn at it. It couldn't hurt, right?

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all have a supersized weekend!

1. Kelly Wearstler

2. Steven Volpe

3. Nick Olsen