Good Gifts: I Am the $h*t Necklace

Every year Karly and I do an exhaustive, week long guide full of fantastic gift ideas for family and friends. Well, this year instead of exhaustive, I'm just exhausted. Plus I'm all by my lonesome until next year. Nevertheless, I'm still going to post a few goodies when I find them (check out my latest posts on Books I Want, which would make perfect gifts for the visually oriented). Today's gift comes courtesy of Locher's Paris Atelier, home of Nicole Locher, who transforms found objects into unique apparel, jewelry, and bags. This one is perfect for a special someone who needs a jolt of self confidence, or maybe someone who just needs to know that you think they are the shit.

For anyone who may complain that this item lacks, ah, refinement, simply say to them: it's handmade in Paris, bitch.

I Am the Shit necklace, $69, available here.