Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

I read somewhere that every room should feature a sculptural element that adds dimension to the space. Does that mean that Michelangelo's unsheathed schlong should peep out at your guests from the darkened corner of the living room, like a creepy neoclassical sex stalker? Not so much. I also feel that this is inappropriately inflicted on visitors:



There is a worse view, but I'm really too kind to force the full frontal on you. I think the lesson here is to save the kinky stuff for the bedrooms, people. And also that it would be cooler to keep anatomical sculptures above the nipple line. Clothing is nice, too.

abigail ahern

Abigail Ahern

Trust -- you need a bust. True, the eyes may track your movements across the room, but that's better than... other things following you.

francois halard

Francois Halard

Karly is going to like this post because she has enough heads to fill a stadium full. Of heads. But not as many as a certain someone else we all know and love:

kelly wearstler

Kellz is totally into heady tableaux, as seen on her overstaffed dining room table. Click this link to check out more examples of her head games.

skona hem

Skona Hem

Never fear. Despite her best efforts, La Wearstler hasn't (quite) cornered the market. Busts abound.

paul costello

Paul Costello via Roseland Greene

I want to live in this room forever and ever, amen. The chairs.. the logs... the windows... the lady head. Yessss.

eddie ross

Eddie Ross

miles redd

Miles Redd

simon upton

Simon Upton

nick olsen

Nick Olsen

abigail ahern

Abigail Ahern

paul costello

Paul Costello

Now these heads are all well behaved, polite and easy to talk to. But tune in on Wednesday for a collection of busts that belong only in the homes of brave and adventurous people. That means you, right?

I thought so.