Shot Through The Heart

Yeah, I know it's kind of old news -- Hunger Games blah blah blah -- but I can't quit with the arrows. Last Christmas all I asked for was a pair of vintage brass arrow sconces, because I have my priorities straight. Also, as I have explained to Ben 100 googleplex times, I am very low maintenance. I hereby demand a medal for my low maintenanceness. brass arrow sconce

 Or maybe just some new candles. Black? Gold?

Let me tell you a funny story about those there pillows. I was shopping away at ye olde Homegoods when some stranger walked up and asked if I was Erin, to which I was forced to reply yes because I am. It was Courtney, a very tall very pretty blog reader, and it was weird. Like I was swimming underwater and someone else with dirty unkempt hair was talking to her.

Anyway, Courtney if you're reading this and you still want these pillows, come and get them. I can't bring myself to return them because they are oh so soft and squishy and cheap. Yet, I know in my heart what I really want is a pair of these:

kubus pillow

Pierre Frey is not low maintenance. But I can't be a martyr all the time.

I digress. The whole damn raison d'etre of this post was to share some sources with you, and here I go talking about me me me.

I want to be a giver. So here.

brass arrow table

I made a photoshop graphic. It will probably never happen again.

1. Uttermost end table | $262

2. Arrows barrel table | $110

3. Armillary chandelier | $1680

4. Arrow pedestal table | $60

I might actually buy one of these. Guess which one it won't be?

Happy Friday, dudes.