Southern Pimping

Incase you found an empty New York Times bin after waiting in line for hours this morning hoping to grab your commemorative edition of the PRESIDENT OBAMA headlined paper, don't despair, there's still plenty of relevant and historical reading material gracing the newsstand shelves just waiting to be slipped into a plastic sleeve for you to love and save forever. Take, for example, that beacon of hard hitting journalism, Southern Living. Oh yes, it is a brand new day, the start of a new era: for the first time in our nation's history the term was printed on to a piece of glossy paper a million times over and mailed out to the masses.

Proceed with caution: if you live above the mason dixon line, chances are that you won't be able to pick up this hot collector's item. Southern Living does something a little wonky: they put out a Texas edition. If you're Texan by the grace of god (yes, an actual phrase they use in these parts) then you can flip through this most recent issue to page 12 of the **bonus*** Texas Living supplement and take a visual tour de force through our first(ish) piece of printed press.

I say first(ish) because this is actually a story about another sexy group of ladies with which I am associated:  the austin craft mafia.  But if you look closely to page 15 you'll see this:

ouch, let's get that pesky ad out of there and focus on the important stuff:

scheesh!  i am so glad my hair dresser has completed her stay in Chicago and is now safely back in our care in Texas so my hair no longer looks that shade of dishwater blonde.  I suppose I should have photoshopped this.  

And, zeroing in on the really important stuff, let's check out that sidebar (with slight edits provided by me):

Huh?  What?  Where's Erin's name?  Well, it's kind of a long story, but, basically, I joined the ACM 6 years ago, roughly 4 years before Erin moved here.  But it's all good, that sister is guilty by association.

Don't worry guys, I'm going to stop blowing smoke up my own skirt straight away and will bring you a second blog post later today filled with delightful images... and bunnies!

In the mean time, go check out my fellow ACM-ers blogs:

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* denotes pregnant ACM members.  Do you see what I'm up against here, people?

Remember, come on back now later today for more DC goodness

Congratulations Design Crisis, You Have The Top Design

The polls are closed and Thank You, Thank You everyone for showing up to the debates.  We have collectively been able to come up with bachelor pads that are far more stunning than the sad-sac-panty-keeper-on-ers than the ones on Top Design (and don't give me no jive talk about budget and time, top designers, you're supposed to be the very best, hence the television cameras following you around).  The democratic effort here at DC headquarters brings a tear to my eye, and for that, I give several awards. To Anna from Door 16, I award a lovely crimson satin sheet set for her nomination, the Portland Apartment (also for her funny comment about the (p)anty word, sorry to keep saying it Anna):

yes, this pad is certain to bring the undergarments of an entire generation right down to the well polished floor.

To my East-Coast Buddy, Woodley Park Zoo, I award a stunning black lacquer living room group for pointing my Top Design weary eyes in the direction of Dave's New Place at AT:

Apparently some looney-toon thought this pad had too many vignettes.  Maybe, but I wouldn't be scared to shower in that b. pad, so, winner.

The next big winner is our own miss Erin.  Erin wins her very own Fredrick Hart glass booby sculpture for showing us David Netto's apartment:

Yes, yes, this will do just fine.  Are you taking notes, Top Designers?  If so, I might consider writing about you next week.  But you NEED to study.

And FINALLY, the winner of our gorgeous framed lamborghini poster is Raina the keyboard wielding design goddess from If the Lampshade Fits for her nomination of, not one, but TWO stunning b. pads.  Single gentlemen and TDers alike, observe:

The home of Alexander Verbeek 

and the home of an unnamed manhattan bachelor:

Excellent work everyone.  You have all made  mommy so so proud, I just might give you your own TV show next season.  We'll see.