I guess it's obvious that my new year's resolution is not to be a better blogger. It's been so long since I last posted that it's hard to dust away the cobwebs and decide how best to condense the last couple of months... We need to get up to speed, people. Sorry if you've already seen this on my Instagram, but for everyone else it's recap time. In my last post long ago, way back in the Jurassic period when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I was more than a little chagrined at my art and decor garage stash. I have enough stuff to flood Ebay and Etsy and 1st Dibs, but somehow I can't stop buying things "for clients." Ahem.

erin williamson

Hot on the heels of my hoarder post, I saw this gorgeous rug and I told myself not to buy it because I already have 500 rugs. I should have bought that rug. The time to buy vintage and antiques is when you see them.

erin williamson

$300 richer than I might have been, we headed to ye olde Texarkana to visit with family and enjoy a Thanksgiving feast. Boys in ties make my mama heart melt. Three minutes later they were covered in chocolate pie.

sanders gibbs

I spent a lot of time with Sanders picking colors so I could repaint my house AGAIN. Paint is like crack. I like to huff the low VOC fumes. I paint my house more often than I paint my nails (that's not saying much).

erin williamson

Pretty much as soon as the paint dried, this happened. Look! Someone besides me is shooting my house... who can it be? Look for hot news and details very soon.

erin williamson

Two days after the shoot, we flew to Hawaii where I got my annual pedicure. Then the boys proceeded to get very very sick and puke all over the plane on the way home.

erin williamson

After that I got the flu and Ben had to wrap all the Christmas presents, which turned into an epic feat of measuring and crisp folding. My gift wrapping experiments always look like a rabid beaver got hold of them. It's hard to be married to an overachiever.

karly hand erin williamson

And then something real bad happened -- worse than 103 fever and diarrhea flu, worse than puking children, worse than no sleep for weeks while redecorating the entire house, worse than my gift wrapping skills: Karly moved to Portland. There are no words for how sad and lonely this makes me feel. Without Karly Hand, this blog would not exist. Dammit, this is making me cry. No words.

erin williamson

New Years eve. Fire. Enough said.

erin williamson

Three days later we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, which is kind of silly since we're coming up on our 19th dateiversary. Sorry Ben, I had to pick the picture where I looked least annoyed to be photographed. You lose.

erin williamson

And that brings us back to present day. I'm feeling more than a bit of nostalgia for the past year, but I'm also pretty excited for things to come. I have big news, lots of renovations coming up, client work to share, cute kid antics a plenty, and of course more insane hoarder shopping to inflict upon you. It's already a busy busy year for me, but I am resolved to slow it down at least a little. By the end of 2013 I felt like I was burning the candle at both ends, then I broke the candle in half to make more ends... it was too much.

I must remember to pace myself. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

But I do so love to haul ass, and I've never been one to jog casual like with my hands all floppy at the waist. I'm not the tortoise, but no one roots for the fist pumping, hot dogging hare.

I need some balance. 2014: Year of the Level.

Not exactly the most exciting, but there you have it. Hope you'll stick around to watch me fall off the wagon once or twice.

Cheers to a new year!