Real Rooms | Amateur Photography

I've been a design magazine whore for as long as I can remember, like a Pavlovian dog I instantly start to salivate as soon as a new issue of Living Etc hits the stands.  The pristinely styled spaces are so perfectly lovely and profoundly unattainable my head starts to spin.  But even the most lush interior landscape presents itself as a dream:  there are no electrical cords or family photos.  Stylists and photo editors work tirelessly to maintain the fantasy. So after years of pining away for the unattainable glossy spaces, I'm a bit bored of it all.

Consider this post a pallet cleanser.

All rooms shot by amateurs.  All found in various corners of the interwebs.

Isn't it nice to look at a bit of a mess for once?  I would love to see a magazine spread with similar honesty (and no, leaving a pair of shoes in the shot doesn't count)

I would love to see the spaces you are living in.  Go ahead send me some pics, if enough people join the party I'll do a post with your spaces.  Be sure to let me know if you would like for me to link to you along with the picture or if you should remain anonymous.