Reading Rainbow (and a Give Away)

Don't you just love give away days?  I j'adore them because it makes me look benevolent and kind and awesome and all that junk.  Well, today is no exception, I'm going to be looking pretty rad when I bestow one lucky commentor a three month subscription to Book Swim.  Pray tell, what is book swim? I'm so glad you asked.  Book Swim is the cure for my shrinking bank account and my increasing amount of laziness (look, I'm cooking an entire human here, it's work).  Book Swim absolves me of all my television watching guilt.  In a word:  Book Swim is awesome.

Book Swim is the Netflix for Books.

Yes, the netflix.  For books.  It's about time, right?

While titles from design heavyweights like Wearstler and Adler are noticeably absent from the Book Swim selection, I did manage to find the above.  (Can you guess which ones are in my queue?)  For the most part, I'm pretty impressed with their selection, about 80% of the titles I searched for were found in their database, including obscure reference books and random collections of short essays.  All and all I'd consider the selection pretty good considering that there must be, like, a gazillion trillion books in the world.

Want to try it out?  Of course you do.  Leave a comment on this post between now and Thursday, 7/1 at 6:00 pm Central time.  The winner will receive a free 3 month subscription to la Swim.  Check back on Friday when I announce the lucky duck.

If you can't wait that long to get your read on, go sign yo self up HERE.