Power to the People

I was just bragging to relatives holed up in colder climes that sunny Austin was 80 degrees on Monday. Fast forward to today, where most of the state is suffering from rolling blackouts due to the insanely cold weather. Obviously I shouldn't have opened my big fat mouth. Anyhow, no big fancy post today -- not sure how long this slice of internet freedom will last. Let's all just pretend we're here:

Oh Palm Springs, you call to me with your siren song of pools and sun bleached desert deliciousness.

I could also do with some lighthearted kitsch right about now. My love for black will never die, but it's super dreary today.

When the power goes back off in a few minutes and I'm sitting in complete darkness, this is what I'll be thinking of. Well, mostly the pool. And the sun. And internet access.

Back tomorrow. I hope.

[Micheal Haverland Architecture]