I have the overwhelming urge to buy something, and it just might be a giant black leather couch

Who am I? A 20 year old frat boy who buys black leather in the vain hope it might hide evidence of keg parties and debauchery at large? Nary a few months ago I put my foot down and stated that I am, unequivocally, a brown leather kind of girl. And then I saw this: black couch leather

Except it comes in a super long four seat configuration and I think I must have it.

Am I crazy? I mean... yes. Of course I am. But will I regret selling my other couches and buying this? PS, our living room looks nothing like that right now. I keep planning to shoot it and post updates, but our couches continue to annoy me. I'm over them. I think.

We moved everything over from the old house and it just doesn't fit here. The chesterfield is pretty, but not big enough to be the main couch. The tan couch is pretty, but maybe kind of blah with the wall color. I can't really afford to buy an entire new room of furniture so I have to do it piecemeal, which means our living room will look terrible while I decide what to buy post giant sofa purchase... basically redecorating when you're poor is stupid, but I'm considering it anyway.

Here's some black leather inspiration:

black de sede

black nate berkus

black sofa oushak

black leather chesterfield

kelly wearstler desede

I hear once you go black you never go back.

What say you? Yay or nay?