Summahtime Sculpture Score

Oh summer, you verdant minx. So flashy with your hot dogs and bikini clad pool parties. The pageantry of blooming pomegranate trees and cookouts en plein air... I would love you so much more if only I could get some work done.

The no school thing is really getting in the way of my posts. Sorry about that. Let me make it up to you.

russell jacques sculpture

 It has the Brancusi flava.

Thrifting: it's what I do with the kids when we're all hiked/biked/plum swum out. And what did I spy with my gimlet eye, at goodwill no less? Oh it's just a giant solid bronze signed sculpture by Russell Jacques, who makes giant outdoor sculptures like these:

Maybe I should take my sculpture outside for some fresh air and kumbaya on the guitar? No?

So new sculpture is crazy good, but also heavy, pointy, and highly dangerous to my curious georges. Would that I could let it live on the coffee table, because it looks amaze with my fancy Jenny Andrews Anderson painting.

PS, I will be revealing more of that hot action later, after curtains that will surely transform my life come in.

Until then, enjoy the sculpture photoshoot that pajama time Ike and I did together. He's a right good little Vanna White.

russell jacques

I don't know how he got so big... it floors me how long the days are, but short the years.

I'm off to spend some more QT time with my boys, because maybe the no school thing ain't so bad, after all.

In the meantime, sorry to get pimpy but please do drop by and say hi if you enjoyed this post. I may hoard room tours until fall if everyone is too busy summering it up to glue themselves to the computer and read blogs.

Gather ye beach balls and koozies while ye may.