Book Smarts

Guten Morgen!  I've got the travel bug (read: hot burning desire to stay in a dreamy hotel with room service and fancy cocktails) and today's fine destination ist das Vaterland.  Germany.  Germany, people. Pack your baggies, we're about to check out the only hotel on the planet that manages to make craftiness look chic.

The Michelberger hotel was designed by a team of friends who wanted a space that would "feel like an ad agency."  Great.  But let's talk about these book lights.

Yep, thems is handmade, let's get a closer look

I see some sort of nut and bolt action and the previous picture shows some sort of wire support contraption holding the whole kitten kaboodle together.  If someone out there wants to attempt this at home, photograph your process, we'll put it on the blog.  You'll be a star and see your name in lights.  Maybe then you will have enough money to stay at the Michelberger.

Ha!  Joke's on you, the michelberger only costs 54 Euros a night, which is a good thing because this blogging thing don't make diddly.

Anyway, make a lamp, send me a picture, I'll shower you with love.  Moving on.

The Michelberger continues the book theme into one of the guest rooms

Another view of the wall of books.  Ok, this needs to be discussed.  This looks pretty awesome but have any of y'all been in a used bookstore recently?  Newsflash:  those books get moldy.  Like crazy moldy.  Like raging headache dirty hands if you touch them moldy.  So, lovely, but the, ahem, shelf life is pretty short.

I'm not crazy about this picture but this may be my favorite use of books.  I love that just the ends are used to create texture with minimal color.

So the Michelberger isn't all books all the time: here's a view of the restaurant with it's sexy concrete walls.  That wasn't sarcasm, i really do like them.  And, bonus!  no mold.

From the restaurant looking into the bar.  Still lovely.

One of the 85 guest rooms.  I really love when beds are next to windows, especially in bustling cities.

Ok, so when you dudes get back from your stay abroad, remember to toss together one of those book lamps for me, I can't wait to see your handywork!