Rustle Up Your Wardrobe

I'm right smack dab in the middle of staining the shelves for my new closet, and thank god because I've been living out of a suitcase and wearing the same outfit for a month.  Sadly, because of my little life saving project, today's post is going to be a short one, but still ever so sweet. I just came across this great lasso clothes hanger, Catching the Wild, (I think subconsciously I'm drawn to anything that will get my damn clothes off the floor right now) over at Stolen Wood, ici:

Lasso Clothes Hanger

Isn't it just charming?  Should I return all the wood I just bought and line my closets with 47 of these?  How great and bizarre would that be in a 120 square foot space?  I'd be willing to screw the form-follows-function-pie-in-the-sky mentality I usually aim for in order to have such a surreal little nook in my home. 

Despite it's gravity defying odds, my favorite thing about Catching the Wild is the grand coil at the bottom (move over ugly shoes!) it's so perfectly imperfect in it's draping.  It seams so heavy in contrast to it's air-borne counter-part, it truly appears to hold down the unruly lasso.  That's what I like, a nice good anchor.  And well stained shelves.


Clash of the Titans

I've been living with a caliente red dining room and a tequila blue living room for so long that my eyes were bleeding from the Mexican Restaurant strain of it all (not that I don't love me some muy delicioso Mexican comidas!) when I looked from one room into to the next. One of those colors had to go, and after much agonizing DH and I decided to keep the red. The living room was painted a soothing pinky gray and I am hoping to post before and after pics very soon, but first major accessory shifts are needed to restore Casa Erin to top form. In the meantime, I've been cruising color palettes for inspiration, and despite disparaging pink and red in my last post, that combo is still feeling very fresh to me. My favorite is Miles Redd's living room (Sorry Miles... I'm turning into such a stalker!):

miles redd

First of all, how sexy is that couch? I know it probably cost a bazillion dollars, but I think I'd give a tooth for it. Maybe even a front one. Anyway, Miles went for broke with this... NOT a subdued pink. NOT a subdued red. Full frontal nudity here. Raunchy.

While I totally want Miles' entire apartment, I think pink and red are easiest for us mere mortals to pair when the furniture is kept streamlined. Check out this mod combo designed by Aussie firm BKH that was featured at the Kips Bay Showhouse (photo courtesy of Elite Choice):

kips bay

How much do you love that orangey red painting on those coolly pink walls? It just pops and clashes its little heart out, and the black scaled down furniture helps keep the look modern instead of 1980's mauve disaster.

Y'all know by now that I'm a Jay Jeffers fan... That guy can go from kooky to classy in 2.2 seconds. This San Francisco apartment is carefully neutral, but the dining room has an ultra glam pink ceiling paired with pops of red for edge.

jay jeffers

The beigey walls go a long way toward keeping this look polished instead of claustrophobic. Here are a couple more examples of careful accessory choices to keep the look edgy, but not cluttered:

domino and wearstler

(Domino paint palette on the left and Kelly Wearstler's office on the right)

Simple black fireplaces add some much needed geometry to both spaces. I really hate those sconces in Kelly Wearstler's office, but she shows (once again) that she is master of the plate wall, and the lime green apples are fabulous with that pink.

My friend Hope Perkins of Hot Pink Pistol fame had this amazing pink (of course!) house that looked gorgeous in pictures but kinda made me feel nervous in real life. So, I think that to be able to live in these spaces, I personally need some neutral air to breathe. Therefore I present to you this most appealing mix of space and color that I found whilst reading Habitually Chic's awesome blog:


This is the gorgeous Palazzo Ducale di Sassuolo in Modena, Italy, featuring color block paintings by Winston Roeth which were donated by legendary collector Giuseppe Panza. I love the gold, white, pink and red combo (with a teeny flash of lemon yellow) and I totally think I'm going to steal it. My new wall color isn't white-white like this, but it's pale and cool enough that I think it'll work. I'm going to have to fake the gold fretwork, since I (sadly) don't live in a 17th century castle, but I'm hoping the look will still be edgily sublime.

Stay tuned!

Hotel Me About It

I first discovered Portland, Oregon's Ace Hotel when a web design client of mine asked me to use the Ace splash page as inspiration for their site.  While the site is lovely and I was happy to accommodate my (awesome!) client, I was WAY more excited to take a peak at the grounds and play a nice round of fantasy vacation.  I wanted to pass it on to you kids today because, ever since last weeks post, I've been obsessed with ridiculously over-sized wall silhouettes:

Ace Hotel Guest Rooms 1

Get a load of that cat!!!  I have to tell you, I was dead set on painting a scary windblown woman until I saw this fancy feline.  What do you think his name is and do you think he wants to come live with me?  I'm also totally crushin on the freaky hanged man in the room on the upper left.  What do you think, for the guest bedroom, perhaps as some kind of warning:  return the towels to the rod neatly folded, or else.  Yes, I think that will work.

Before moving forward, I really need to clarify something:  when I say obsessed with giant wall silhouettes, I am in no way referring to the mass produced vinyl (usually floral) wall stickers  that are swimming all over the web right now.  I don't like them, I think they are tacky and I don't want them in my house.

That said, let's check out some more of these fancy diggs:

Ace Hotel Guest Room 2

While I often fantasize about vacationing for the hotel alone and skipping the city altogether, I do think it's important for a hotel to reference the town it's in.  I think these moose Thompson Elk (thanks Adnon) blankets are such a perfect solution; that bald eagle sends the message pretty well, too.

Ace Hotel Guestrooms 3

I really don't care about that shampoo and I'm even more disturbed by the web designers choice in font...dakota script, what's up with that?  I do however, really like that bathroom.  The black tub is sexified to the max, I'll take one, please.  The wild-things-meets-viking street art is nice too, but a little too cartoon-y for my house.  Again, loving the blanket.  I also really like how well they mixed rustic wood with a few sleek modern elements:  aces, Ace Hotel. 

While I'm hanging out with my giant cat, the Ace Hotel promises me these luxuries:

Ace Hotel

Wait, where's the room service?  I might have to leave my swanky pad?  But I was going to have dumplings in the tub!  But then again... there is a mini bar.


Update:  room service now available.  Bathtub food party for everyone, hooray!