Yet Another Textile Obsession: Tapestries

I'm about to bombard you with a series of roundups, because that's all I have time for. Hopefully they're good roundups, rather than roundups of pinecone arrangements and shapeless taupe sweaters. These are special obsessions that I have been carefully manicuring for years. It's taken me quite a while to cull the what-I-really-love wheat from the what-fashion-dictates-I-should-love chaff, but in my golden years I have finally found what truths I hold to be self evident. And if you can follow all that punctuation/aphorism drama, you get a gold star.

So hot on the heels of my quilt love comes another textile that I want to wrap my naked body in and snuggle up with all night long. Even more. I be talking about antique tapestries, y'all. I'm smitten by the muted tones, intricate details, and sense of gravitas they bring to a room.

See what I mean about spending the night with some tapestries? They're giving me the bedroom eyes.

Tiny picture, amazing idea. I would definitely rub my nether regions all over a tapestry upholstered settee.

Zoffany's new tapestry print Arden sports unicorns, by golly! Pure as Lancelot and Guinevere, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Zoffany even makes a tapestry inspired wallpaper. You know you want it in your life. Hot sex.

Sure, I may be a smidgen sleep deprived. But I am right about this -- tapestries are awesome.

The end.