Yellow Accents

I was hoping to bring you guys some pics of my new office today but I'm STILL not done.  It's not for lack of trying, I've worked on it every weekend for a month and a half.  I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the 14 million boxes of "heirlooms" my mother sent when she gutted her house that have been stored in my office for the past several months.  I finished sorting through them this weekend, but unpacking and finding a  home for yet another porcelain miniature tea set has been challenging, to say the least.  Man I'm rambling.  Anyway, office: not done. Another reason it took so dang long is that I painted it, hated it, tried to live with it then painted again.  I settled on white, which I actually LOVE.  Accents are yellow and black with lots and lots of art (still waiting to be hung).  Since I can't show you my room, I thought I'd share some other spaces with pops of yellow in honor of my never to be completed work space.

Unfortunately, that chair is not in my office, but I'm not ruling it out if perchance I happen upon it one day at the thrift store.  It could happen.

Hi yellow lamp!  Are you sure that desk is sturdy enough to hold you up?  


The K-dawg doesn't allow colorful walls in her house, but this one isn't making me mad.


I really like this kitchen but I HATE the way they styled it.  clock: gross, stools: gross.  2 coffee mugs, fruit bowl and plants in triplicate: gross gross gross.  Yellow beam, yes, yes I like you.

If anyone who owns this sideboard is willing to accept a first born in trade please let me know.  My babies will be really tall and probably, like, way smart, so it's a really sound investment.

yellow couch, you're awesome!

Do I spy a yellow glow behind the bed?

Ok, so this one isn't so much of a yellow accent it's more, as Erin would say, full-frontal-yellow, but I just love it to pieces.

For more yellow accents, check out this guest post Jen did for us a couple of months ago